Detour Method Synthesis

Detour Method Synthesis
Ready to level-up? Let’s do this.

Detour Method Synthesis is our answer to “Now what?”.

Once you’ve completed DMO, it can feel like you’ve got an overwhelming amount of information at your fingertips. As exciting as it can be to have so many incredible tools in your toolkit, knowing when and how to use them most effectively is a whole other skill to hone in on.

In DMS, you’ll have the opportunity to look at your teaching through a clearer, wider lens—one that asks you to think more critically, experiment more freely and dig deeper into what made you become a teacher in the first place.

DMS is where we go from tools to methodology, from what to why. This is a course reserved for those who care more about education than they do about catering to the crowd. If you’re ready to get serious about what it means to teach from a place of Educational Empowerment, this is your chance to leap and land amongst a rare caliber of instructors in the yoga community who are ultimately invested in leveling up not only their own teaching but this industry as a whole.

Detour Method Synthesis is a BLENDED online program

That means course content will be delivered in both LIVE and pre-recorded content. It all happens online, but some of it happens in real time. Before being accepted into the program, you’ll be asked to commit to a time for live calls throughout the training. These calls aren’t optional. Think of them like an interactive classroom for lecture, exploration, group work and discussion.

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“I highly recommend this course! What we learn in DMS is not covered in any yoga teacher training, inspite of the fact that Experiencial Learning is an essential component of our success as movement educators, and who doesn’t want to be successful and feel worthy of what they are doing?”

– Satpreet, DMS May 2020


I could not praise this method enough, I have taken the principles on in my teaching straight away and have only received positive feedback from my students. I know this is because I fully believe and trust in what I am teaching. I have loved this course, it has challenged and inspired me to become the best I can be, laying down the foundations of knowledge to build my capability of teacher and continue to be an eternally curious student of movement.”

– Helen Peachey, DMS January 2020


“From someone who has been teaching for a long time… we never have a chance to have our teaching evaluated by a third party. For me, being able to apply critical thinking skills to what I teach and how I teach and making changes to it is invaluable.

– Christine, DMS January 2020

Course Format

This six-week course will alternate between “synchronous” weeks and “self-paced” weeks.

During synchronous weeks (1, 3, 5), course content will be delivered during live calls and complemented with prep work that’s completed in advance. During self-paced weeks, you’ll learn from pre-recorded content (2, 4, 6). Self-paced weeks will still involve a group call to allow for Q+A and collaborative discussion.

Live calls will take place WEEKLY using the Zoom platform.

All calls are recorded so that the content can be returned to anytime. While attendance isn’t optional, we understand that life can sometimes interfere. If you have to miss one call, it won’t be the end of the world. Any absences beyond that could result in asking you to defer your participation to a future cohort.

2021 Calendar Dates

Week 1 – January 11 – Synchronous
Week 2 – January 18 – Self-paced
Week 3 – January 25 – Synchronous
Week 4 – February 1 – Self-paced
Week 5 – February 8  – Synchronous
Week 6 – February 15 – Self-paced

Zoom call times: Thursday January 14, 21, 28 and February 4, 11, 18 from 1:00-3:00pm EST*

*Call times subject to change

Want to be part of a highly-interactive training where you'll be PART of the learning process?

Students in this training will be integral to the success of this program. Group work, peer assessments and group calls will RELY on your commitment to being part of this unique experience. In return, we’ll ensure you receive nothing but our best, including full-length pre-recorded led classes (yours to refer back to indefinitely!) and individualized feedback directly from Cecily.

“I found Cecily’s feedback profound! I had no idea about the level of detail Cecily would offer here, so I was completely blown away, and so grateful! So well thought out. I took it ALL on board and modified and changed where I needed to. It was delivered in such a beautiful way that left me feeling empowered, owning what it is I bring to a class and my students that I should feel proud of – and at the same time brilliant advice on how to improve. This is rare.”

– Sadie, DMS January 2020


So what does this course actually entail?

Week 1: Intentional Exploration – Learn how to plan and sequence a purposeful class that provides students with multitudes of ah-ha moments.

Week 2: Experiential Learning – Understand the benefit of putting your students in the driver’s seat, allowing yourself to be a conduit for their self-discovery.

Week 3: Critical Thinking – Use inquiry to create an environment where students ask questions and explore alternative approaches rather than conform to one “right” way.

Week 4: Comprehensive Communication – Drop the filler and discover meaningful cues that will help you translate information into action.

Week 5: Responsive Assessment – Understand how to engage with your students in a way that will have let them feel seen and supported during every class.

Week 6: Synthesis – See how it’s all connected and apply the principles of Educational Empowerment to your own classes and online offerings right away.

Rachel Headshot

“Detour Method Synthesis exceeds the value for the content, resources and support received. In addition to comprehensive class/workshop feedback from peers and Cecily you also get to pick the brains of really smart people in the Detour community. This experience has taught me how to make a real difference and teach in a way that promotes students’ autonomy while in a supportive and non-judging environment.

– Rachel, DMS May 2020

Nothing else like DMS exists.

Here’s what makes this course different:

  • You won’t be learning alone with only your computer for company. Our live, interactive classroom meets every week, providing a platform for lecture, discussion and breakout sessions to complement the material shared in pre-recorded videos.
  • We’ll ask you to record yourself teaching and submit that recording for feedback. If you’ve never taught on video before, this is an opportunity to see your work through a whole new lens.
  • You’ll be expected to provide thorough feedback on others’ classes while they do the same for yours. You’ll also receive guidance in what effective feedback looks like and how to deliver it.
  • You’ll receive comprehensive feedback from Cecily. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have her take your class, this is the next best thing.
  • We’ll expose you to BIG thinkers and mind-blowing resources not commonly shared in conventional yoga trainings—from Plato to Systems Thinking, and Seth Godin to Brené Brown.


THREE Trail Guides

From Cecily’s brain, into your hands, the Trail Guides document the thought process that goes into leading a Detour-informed class from beginning to end using the Isolate-Activate-Integrate approach.

SIX Director’s Cut Practice Videos

In addition to the practice classes within the course content, these videos let you watch Cecily teach while listening to her voice-over commentary as she walks you through each step of the class from her point of view.

As a graduate of this program, you will be eligible to apply as a Registered Yoga Detour Instructor.

david 2

“The resources were one of the most valuable things for me in DMS. The first book I picked up in 2020 was Nonviolent Communication and that was in the resources. It’s nice to not only listen to YD stuff and have other resources and voices to go to. I think that’s pretty crucial in a course that fosters critical thinking. “

– David, DMS January 2020


“This course showed how to put the tools from DMO to work in ways that also aligned with my view on what a movement class should be. I think the way y’all have marketed the two programs holds up really well after going through both. DMO is a great way to move better yourself, and DMS helps you translate that knowledge to other people.”

– Tracey, DMS May 2020


“She can give feedback in a way that will absolutely be received with understanding. Her communication skills are something to be admired. Getting feedback from Cecily is not only teaching me how to be a better teacher, but a better human.

– Natalie, DMS May 2020

Registration is now closed.

Investment $1399

We are only opening 28 spots to ensure the best possible educational experience. Applications are reviewed and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Pay in six monthly payments of $233.00 (plus applicable tax).

Please note:
Access is by application only.

All applicants must have already completed either an in-person training with Yoga Detour (200HR YTT/Teachers Immersion Program) OR  Detour Method Online. Spots in this course are limited which could mean being placed on a waitlist until a space becomes available.

As a graduate of this program, you will be eligible to apply as a Registered Yoga Detour Instructor.

“This program had an immediate impact on my personal practice as well as my teaching.  It showed me how to outline, design, and construct a practice with a purpose rather than just for the sake of a good flow.”

– Meghan, DMS January 2020



We will consider all requests with priority given to BIPOC, queer+trans individuals, and those working with disadvantaged populations.

Also eligible:

  • Teachers living in vulnerable communities who offer services to local students at an accessible price.
  • Those who bring adaptive and trauma-informed movement practices to populations with limited access.

Registration is now closed. Scholarship applications will re-open once the next DMS session is released.

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