Yoga Detour - Education and Advancement for Yoga Instructors
Cecily lying face down on floor, back arched, hands flying backwards

Move with Purpose.

Teach with Passion.

Detour Gateway Experience

Man leading a class of students in camel pose, chest open to the sky, light streaming in from the large windows behind them


New to the Detour? Start here and gain instant access to a FREE course that deconstructs camel pose and introduces you to the Detour approach via our top-notch professional learning platform. The best part? You’ll never dread doing Camel pose again!

Detour Training

Diverse group of yoga students sitting in a circle having a discussion.

Detour Method Online

Our flagship, full-length course. Detour Method Online bridges the gap between 200HR yoga teacher training programs and everything else you need to know about moving with integrity. Whether you’re an enthusiastic student or a seasoned teacher, DMO will change how you view, talk about and teach yoga asana.

Cecily overseeing a student as he measures another student's lumbar spine area on a mat

Detour Method Synthesis

As exciting as it can be to have so many incredible tools in your toolkit, knowing when and how to use them most effectively is a whole other skill to hone in on. This course is your opportunity to work closely with Cecily to refine your teaching approach so you can become the educator you’ve always wanted to be.

Microlearning Events

Jenn with a notebook leaning over to look at Cecily's laptop screen, both sitting on the floor in an empty warehouse.

The Business of Movement

We created The Business of Movement to support those who want to make big business leaps, one small, smart step at a time. Enjoy downloadable, keep-forever-access to 7+ hours of recorded content that will turn “Where do I even start?!” into “Outta my way, I got a plan!”

Jenn sitting on the floor of an empty warehouse, in relaxed pose, smiling directly at camera

Creating Safe(r) Spaces

A live 8-hour online training weaving together the principles of trauma-informed care, nervous system theory and anti-oppression to co-create and cultivate safety as an evolving practice in Yoga.

See and Feel the Detour Method in Action

Person's hands rolling out a yoga mat on the floor

Take a yoga class led by one of our graduates, using the Yoga Detour methodology

In the DVS, you can practice with teachers from all over the world and experience a unique approach to led classes that are creative without being overly complex, and strong while still being accessible. Each practice will leave you feeling grounded and at ease, despite the fact that we broadcast from our homes where pets, partners and little ones sometimes make guest appearances.