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Jenn and Cecily, both barefoot, on a stationary motorbike in a large-windowed warehouse, Cecily giggling and Jenn looking mischievous

About Yoga Detour

The team behind the training

Yoga Detour shares movement and education from a place of intention and curiosity. What started out as a local 200HR Yoga Teacher Training program has now morphed into an international training hub welcoming students and instructors from around the globe.

We welcome those who are disenchanted by conventional approaches and ready to venture off the mainstream path. Whether you’re looking to experience a Detour-informed practice in the DVS or dive into one of our signature trainings, every encounter you have in the YD sphere will remind you what it means to move with purpose and teach with passion .

What is Yoga Detour?

When you join the Detour community, you can expect to:

  • Engage in a cycle of unlearning and relearning where critical thinking is boss
  • Approach movement from a place where there’s no one right way to do ANYTHING
  • Tap into techniques that will have your body feeling and moving better than ever before
  • Learn how to teach in a way that prioritizes Educational Empowerment
  • Become part of a global family of change-makers who will make you feel like you’re part of the pack and no longer a lone wolf
Student in yoga attire spotting another student who is laughing as she prepares to lift into wheel pose

Meet Cecily

Who knew that venturing off the beaten path would lead me here?

When I first walked away from practicing and teaching traditional Ashtanga vinyasa-style yoga, I had no idea what my next step would be. My body was aching and my mind was exhausted from so many years of trying to fit into a dogmatic mold that never really suited my needs.

It was only when I started exploring other movement modalities ranging from weekend intensives like Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) to months-long trainings with educators like Guy Voyer (creator of ELDOA) that I began to realize there was more to movement than life on my yoga mat.

Yoga Detour is a reflection of both where I come from (the yoga asana practice) and what I’ve learned since charting a different path. My mission is to provide the bridge between your comfort zone—whether that’s vinyasa yoga or something else—and your zone of potential, the place where you can step into your own as a movement educator.

Feel free to connect with me anytime through @yogadetour or join me for a class in the Detour Virtual Studio.

Gently lit headshot of cecily looking at camera and gently smiling

Meet Jenn

I wear a lot of hats!

The engineer in me loves to “build” new things and come up with creative solutions to overcome challenges. The embodied resilience coach in me is always seeking to create accessible and welcoming spaces that also cultivate agency. Put these passions together and you get a “no student left behind” mentality.

One of my biggest detours in life happened after graduating from the inaugural Yoga Detour YTT. Recognizing that my role as a yoga teacher was very much on the front line of mental health and wellness, I turned my attention to learning everything I could about trauma, neuroscience, psychology and culturally-informed care.

This eventually drew me back to school to pursue a Master’s Degree and brought an end to my time with Yoga Detour. You’ll still see me in the videos for Detour Method Online and hopefully, will enjoy using the courses I helped build. You’re in great hands with the YD team!

Gently lit headshot of Jenn looking at camera and gently smiling, head tilted
Penny smiling at camera

Penny Pong

Finances and Book-keeping

Hi! I’m Penny (nice to meet you).

I’m a resourceful introvert who likes to always have a side hustle to keep things interesting. I love numbers and run a small bookkeeping and finance consulting business. When I’m not immersed in spreadsheets, I’m feeding my soul with movement. I practice everyday in the Detour Virtual Studio and teach Detour inspired classes in Toronto, Canada. I’m a slow but voracious reader and always happy to give you a good romance recommendation. Making and learning to make things brings me joy and I hope to have my ETSY shop back up and running again soon.

Sarah, off the to side, three quarters shot smiling proudly

Sara Paige

Manager, Detour Virtual Studio and DMO District Leader

Hi! I’m Sara Paige!

I teach movement and meditation in the Scottsdale, AZ area as well as virtually. I am a connoisseur of many styles of yoga, but my movement teaching style is largely informed by the Detour Method. I also enjoy the time I get to spend with students taking Detour Method Online. Whether meeting them through the assignment feedback process or in the DVS it’s a real privilege to be able to support them on their individual learning journeys. When I’m not mentoring, teaching or planning classes, I enjoy hiking, biking, and fun outdoor adventures. I share my life with my husband Jeremiah, my two children Shelby and Sheridan, and my spunky dog Tuffy.