Ireland 5-day Intensive

Detour Method 5-day Intensive
Cork, Ireland June 17-21, 2019

Cecily returns to Cork this June to lead the only 5-day Detour Method Immersion in 2019. This program will deconstruct our signature “isolate, activate, integrate” approach. Regardless of whether you’ve studied with Cecily before, everyone will walk away from this experience fired up about what’s possible in a yoga and movement practice.

Here’s what to expect:

Isolate, Activate, Integrate: Deconstructing the Detour


We’ll go through the major joints in the body that often suffer wear and tear through repetitive strain: the spine, wrists, shoulders, hips and feet. You’ll receive a repertoire of movement tools to assess and develop range of motion in these areas of the body, as well as cues to help your students become more aware of how their joints move and feel.


The best way to build awareness in our bodies is to load our joints through their full range of motion. This involves understanding muscular actions, and using that understanding to inform the “why” of our teaching. Build confidence in what you know about how the body is designed to move and then share that confidence with those who want to feel and move better.


This is where the magic happens. Once we’ve zeroed in on the theoretical and practical elements supporting a Detour-informed class, we’ll redirect our focus to sequencing and creativity. If you struggle with bridging the gap between the “non-yoga” and “yoga” stuff, this portion of the week will blow the doors open on what’s possible when it comes to merging functional movement and flow. You’ll get first-hand experience with our “Detour Map” approach which will forever change the way you plan your classes and personal practice time.


Don't miss out. Space is limited.

Monday, June 17 - Friday, June 21, 2019

Total investment – €625

Deposit required to secure your place in the training (equivalent to €200). Balance due May 1.

10:00am – 5:00pm daily, with one hour break

The Long Yard Studio, Studio 1, Long’s Yard, Tower Street, off Barrack Street, Cork City

Travelling from out of town? Contact us for a list of accommodation recommendations.

What they are saying about the Detour Method:

Impressive – worth every penny!

Stimulating, intense, information-packed, important.


Excellent! Amazing course! Encourages critical thinking.

Aha moments. So many!

Explosion of knowledge