Top 8 for 2018

A program designed for teachers, practitioners and those looking to bridge the gap between yoga and everything else.

"This stuff is actual genius. It's an encyclopedia of yoga gold. I can make 8 workshops from the information here. At least. It's beyond intelligent and logical and every yoga teacher should know this. You could have charged £37 at least for each section as the value in this stuff is huge. It makes more sense than anything that is currently taught in yoga. People will get so much out of this! And I don't even care how much it is, I am your first sign up for your online teacher training. Thank you for this - I'm looking forward to teaching tonight! ❤"

What You'll Learn:

1. How to make upward dog feel good for your body
2. How to create a flow combining postures like side plank, triangle pose and half moon while integrating functional movement and corrective activation
3. How to wake up your clients’ balance skills without just doing the same old balance postures
4. How to make your hip flexors feel better without stretching them - ever
5. How to break up with chaturanga and feel really good about it
6. How to make backbends safe for those who want to practice them
7. The main reason why so many yogis suffer from shoulder injuries and how to be the exception
8. How to cue the breath in a way that won't put you or your students at risk of dysfunctional breathing

Program materials include Audio, video and written content.

What else are people saying about the Top 8?

Just finished top 1.
You rock, best investment so far beside Yoga War Room
And I am not even through the rest!"

"Hey Cecily! Top 8 blew my mind - thank you!!...I love your approach to movement and I'd love to sign on to your online teaching when it becomes available 😊 I'm done with doubting myself! 😂"

"I purchased the Top 8 and I can tell you it's the best thing I’ve bought for a long time. Actually it was my Christmas present for myself and my students of course ‘cause this thing is pure Gold!!! I am a freshly out-of-the-oven yoga teacher and it was exactly what I needed."

"First of all, Top 8 should be in every YTT worldwide!! 
Secondly, I heard about FRC from you (and Ryan), and I have already contacted Functional Anatomy Seminars to attend one. Unfortunately so yoga teachers attend mobility classes/education, and I think it is crucial to do so. I have this crazy dream (well, not that crazy) we can change that, THANKS TO YOU! You have opened my horizons with this!"

Top 8 for 2018
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Still not Convinced?

"I should be sleeping right now, but instead I am glued to my computer screen because I just received Yoga Detour's Top 8 for 2018, and it is full of little gems for all of us yoga teachers who want to offer our students a more sustainable yoga practice! Cecily's delivery is smooth, natural, and easy to follow, and each point is packed with biomechanically-sound concepts and cues you can feel in your own body right now, and incorporate into your classes immediately. I can feel the difference in my shoulders, forearms, and obliques after moving through just the first two sections (my side plank practice will never be the same!). Thank you, Yoga Detour--can't wait for more!" 

"The Top 8?! Brilliant. I wrote 4 pages of notes on just #1 alone. So good. Such excellent information. Such wealth in precision and knowledge. Honored to keep learning from you."

"Going through your program, I had several light bulb moments putting some pieces together and for the topics that I was familiar with already, you highlighted them in a way that solidified the details and will help me bring the information to my students in a more easy to understand way. Thank you! I always appreciate the way you make a topic more approachable." 

I have taught twice since listening, and can feel such a difference in the flow of the class.  I have shifted from trying to fit into “the right way” to teaching to a place of teaching purposeful movement through yoga."

Top 8 for 2018
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