The Detour Method

We are proud to announce that you can now bring the detour teacher training method to your studio via collaborative YTT design and programming. 

With education at the core of Yoga Detour, we are proud to offer a program that treats learning as the highest priority. Our team has spent countless hours answering hard, important questions such as: 

  • How can we evolve past the standard YTT model, engaging with students in a way that is accountable and authentic?
  • How can we do our best to guide, lead, nurture and challenge those who wish to experience higher learning in relation to yoga and movement?
  • What are the key objectives of our learning curriculum?
  • How can we build a faculty that is as invested in the teaching process as they are in the information they've been hired to share?
  • Can we break the mould of sub-par yoga and movement education and in turn raise the standards for graduates?

Are you looking to run a movement training that would benefit from the structure and expertise of the Detour method?

In 2018, Yoga Detour is launching its first Collaborative YTT program with Be Moved Yoga & Wellness Centre! To hear more about this project, click below.

What does "Collaborative YTT Design and Programming" Mean?


curriculum design

The Yoga Detour 200hr curriculum is truly that - a structured, comprehensive learning map complete with key learning objectives, opportunities for experiential training and assessments designed to ensure students are fully engaged in the learning process. 

Together with you—the Studio manager and/or Program Director at the host location—we will establish a clear vision for your Teacher Training. This includes a structured timeline (what to teach and when), Faculty guidelines (how to best share expert information) and assessment templates that will keep students and teachers accountable to the overall mission of the program. 

program management

All too often we encounter scenarios where one individual - or even a small team - is trying to run both a studio and a Teacher Training program at once. In these instances it becomes next to impossible to create a program that reflects the dream of the originators. 

When you collaborate with Yoga Detour, we can manage the aspects of your training program that will allow you to turn your attention elsewhere. From taking on administrative tasks—communicating with students and Faculty, tracking requirements, facilitating payment schedules, etc.—to making sure that everyone is where they're supposed to be at the right time, our superior approach to organization and facilitation will close the gap between what you've always wanted your Teacher Training program to be and what it is now.



Manual and learning resources

Having the right resources in place can make all the difference when it comes to running an effective Teacher Training program. The YD 200HR manual—currently in its third and best yet version!—provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of physical yoga practice. With both imagery and detailed text explanations, students can participate during class, moving and listening as opposed to always taking notes.

Within the manual are additional questions and areas for reflection, prompting students to participate in self-directed learning. To assist with these sections of the manual, we can also provide lists of our preferred external resources (texts, online articles, PDFs, podcasts, and videos) to create an educational experience that truly caters to all learning preferences. 

interested in learning more about a potential collaboration at your studio? we'd love to talk details! Email to get the ball rolling.