Want to experience a taste of what Yoga Detour has to offer? 

Canadian Workshops

the yoga Detour method w/ Cecily Milne

yoga dot calm, calgary AB | Sunday July 22, 2-4m

Experience the Detour method first hand in this two-hour signature class with Cecily: move through a head-to-toe mobility session which explores strength and control through full range of motion before delving into more global positions including yoga postures, squat variations and locomotion patterns. Witness the effects of layering contemporary movement research into a classical yoga practice to produce a renewed appreciation for all that is possible both on and off the mat.

All levels are welcome. 
$45 ($40 before July 1)

International Workshops

Yoga Detour Method Intensive Los angeles

madre fitness + wellness | friday october 19 - sunday october 21

Friday, October 19 - 6 pm to 7 pm

In this one-hour class, we'll move through the body head-to-toe, exploring mobility from a point of view that utilizes the signature Detour approach of "isolate, activate, integrate". We'll wake up areas of the body that may have been dormant for years while bringing awareness to the full functionality of our joints and movement patterns. Walk out feeling dialed into your potential and ready for more.

Saturday October 20 - 9:30 am to 10:30 am

Start your day with a focus on the "little guys" - hands, wrists, feet and ankles. All too often we take these parts of the body for granted, assuming they'll know how to support us in complex movements like squats, upward-dog and handstands...that ends now! We'll delve into what it means to make our wrists "bulletproof", our feet intelligent and our ankles ultimately supportive. One hour of time...countless movement gems that will serve you both on and off the mat for years to come.

Saturday & Sunday, October 20 & 21 - 11 am to 5 pm

Yoga Detour is known for seamlessly blending physiology and exercise science with traditional postures. As the creator of this Movement Education method, Cecily specializes in bridging the gap between yoga asana and the functional requirements of moving well through everyday life. During this deep dive into the Detour method, she will explore the four main pillars of this approach to practice:

  • What the F$#k Does "Engage Your Core" Mean? - Spinal Mechanics, Centration and Core Stability
  • Why Your Glutes Want to Wake up, Not Shut Down - Integrating Lower Body Strength and Mobility into Standing Postures
  • Reach Up Like You Mean It - Integrating Upper Body Strength and Mobility into Backbends and Arm Balances
  • Floor Play - Finding Your Flow from the Ground Up

Cecily will demonstrate how to layer these foundational elements of a Detour-style practice into a complete class, creating an informed full-body experience balanced with humour, question-asking and honest dialogue.


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