“Consciousness is only possible through change. Change is only possible through movement…”

- Aldous Huxley

Yoga Detour is changing the way we arrive at the yoga practice. We have designed this program to provide an alternative route toward holistic well-being, blending elements of human physiology and biomechanics with a revolutionary approach to asana. Yoga Detour is a response to the questions we receive from students all over the world, asking us how they get off the plateau where their practice has been stalled for years. In this training, we aim to fill the gaps left by a yoga-centric physical practice, where injuries, close-mindedness and exclusionary language has left too many feeling like yoga just isn’t for them. 

We invite you to experience a yoga and movement training that will leave you feeling confident, informed, and energized. The Yoga Detour faculty is comprised of world-class teachers we’ve met over the years who have incomparable information to offer you, along with an undeniably accessible and enjoyable approach to sharing first-hand knowledge and experience. Our Community Affiliates, meanwhile, will welcome you into new worlds of exploration, infusing your practice with a new appreciation for venturing outside the lines, into the realm of variety and improvisation. 

What will I gain by Following the Detour?

The Yoga Detour Teacher Training program is unlike any other.  The course is comprised of in-class learning, along with time dedicated to self-practice. A large component of the training is dedicated to self-exploration; students will attend classes with multiple teachers in different studios within the community, and will be asked to reflect on and discuss this experience with their peers in the course.  Our exemplary faculty will present a thoroughly extensive curriculum that surpasses the requirements of the Yoga Alliance 200hr certification. For this reason, we have made the decision not to affiliate with Yoga Alliance. It is our belief that the Yoga Alliance organization is far too removed from what is actually happening on the ground, within the yoga community, to have any appreciation or understanding of what it truly means to be a successful, respected instructor. Following the Detour is all about veering from the path well-trodden, and it is with that in mind that we welcome you to embark on a training that is not associated with what many established instructors have decided is an unnecessary attempt to beaurocratize yoga.