Some first-hand thoughts from our #followthedetour community...

I just want to reiterate my gratitude for our sit down yesterday. You really inspired me and gave me a boost of confidence to continue to follow this passion and not get discouraged, and to do what I love! I know you care deeply about making a difference and having an impact on people’s lives. I just wanted you to know how much you did that for me yesterday. Thank you again!
(Carolyn Tucker/@yogitucker – business coaching)

Cecily’s coaching style is linear and organized which is perfect for how my brain works. Not only did I feel seen and heard, but I also felt that my creativity was supported and enhanced in each session. I also really appreciated that each session was recorded, so that I could go back to my written notes and add in anything that I had forgotten by watching the videos.

If you are considering working with Cecily I cannot recommend her enough! Not only does she understand pedagogy, but she also knows how to create a safe space for you to be vulnerable and grow as a yoga teacher and movement educator. Thank you Cecily for your support and wisdom:-)
(Trina Altman/@trinaaltman – business coaching)

I should be sleeping right now, but instead I am glued to my computer screen because I just received Yoga Detour’s Top 8 for 2018, and it is full of little gems for all of us yoga teachers who want to offer our students a more sustainable yoga practice! Cecily’s delivery is smooth, natural, and easy to follow, and each point is packed with biomechanically-sound concepts and cues you can feel in your own body right now, and incorporate into your classes immediately. I can feel the difference in my shoulders, forearms, and obliques even after just the first two sections (my side plank practice will never be the same!). Thank you, Yoga Detour–can’t wait for more!
(Daniella Wittern Bush/@yogawithdaniellawitternbush – downloadable resources)


I am so happy at being able to walk around that I seem to bring it up ridiculously.

I don’t think I accurately communicated how depressed I was at feeling hobbled. I’d sold my business with the intention of travelling and then weeks later I felt crippling pain and thought I’d made a terrible mistake.

Thanks to you I’m now able to walk and therefore take trips. After seeing you, I went to Santa Monica for 3 weeks and I’m currently in Spain until December and walking around like nothing was ever wrong. Walked 37.5km the other day!
(Lincoln Stewart – movement coaching)

I’ve been following the Detour for years now. I remembering finding the FB page and thinking, “YES! They’re talking about what I want to talk about but don’t know how. And they’re challenging movement paradigms in a way I want to but don’t know how.” Yoga Detour has been, and continues to be, instrumental in reshaping my approach yoga.
(Tori Lunden/@badatyoga)

Your stuff is exactly what I’ve been looking for for so long.
I’ve learned more in quickly going through the Spring Six than in weeks of “studying” abroad. (Kevin/@knyogalife – digital resources)

Sometimes I feel so alone in the way I feel about Yoga, I often find myself feeling lost and doubting what I do and wondering if I should change careers completely. And then I see your posts and read your emails and feel comforted. I feel inspired again to keep learning, questioning and challenging the norm, knowing I’m not alone. To keep doing what I’m doing despite the few people who might resist. I feel grateful to have eyes that see outside the box and to have found your work. Thanks for giving me hope and inspiration.
(emily fine/@pure_soul_movement)