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Welcome to the Registered Yoga Detour™ Instructor Program.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

– African Proverb

When you hold an RYDI designation, you can lead Yoga Detour™
classes and workshops in your community.

You’ll also have permission to use the YD logo to indicate that you are qualified to share this method with your students. Gone are the days when you have to wonder about what to call your classes—when you apply the name “Yoga Detour™” to your work, you’re telling the world that they can expect the best from you.

Yoga Detour™ bridges the gap between the yoga practice you already love and the other movement practices you’re increasingly curious about. RYDIs are committed to raising the bar when it comes to the accepted standards of movement education, providing learning experiences that help cultivate physical literacy, movement integrity, and educational empowerment.

When you apply the Yoga Detour™ name to your class, you trade uncertainty for credibility. Leave behind the struggle of coming up with a generic new name (“Mobility Flow”, anyone?) and show the world exactly what they can expect from you: a practice that celebrates the power of mindful movement through conscious preparation, unending curiosity and seamless execution.

  • A balance between structure and freedom where class plans don’t take precedence over students’ needs
  • Wrist prep that makes every plank, downward dog, arm balance or wheel pose that much more accessible and enjoyable
  • Simple yet challenging movements that isolate and activate key muscle groups, expanding the capacity of your entire body one area at a time
  • Integrative approaches to asana postures where key components are addressed before being applied to more complex shapes (triangle is complicated, folks!)
  • Use of progressive load to make every forward bend more sustainable, each backbend strong and pain-free, and every arm balance accessible and empowering
  • Opportunities for play, exploration and social engagement that reinforce the importance of creativity and connection

Registered Yoga Detour™ Instructors possess the skills and knowhow to offer recognized Yoga Detour™ classes and workshops. In addition to their Detour-Informed training, these instructors teach from a place of Educational Empowerment (EE):

An ability to communicate expertise and encourage curiosity in student-centered learning and discovery. RYDIs merge yoga asana with intentional, creative approaches to strength and mobility, creating classes and workshops that prioritize sustainability and movement longevity.

The RYDI designation is given to those who demonstrate a high level of engagement with the Yoga Detour™ community. They undergo rigorous training and commit to continual life-long learning across various movement disciplines.

Tired of being a lone wolf?

Join a community where support, accountability and creativity thrive.

Where do I start?

It all begins with Detour Method Online.

What’s next?

Up your teaching game with Detour Method Synthesis.

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Noémi Schoefs
RYDI since 2019
Hasselt, Belgium


Fernando Pasquel
RYDI since 2019
Madrid, Spain

sara p 2

Sara Paige
RYDI since 2019
Scottsdale, Arizona

Noémi’s Detour:

Yoga Detour has given me a community of the most brilliant movement people in the world. It sometimes feels like we have one collective brain, one super “think thank” to bounce off ideas and ask for advice in case of problems or questions. The community is also super supportive and empowering towards each other, but also holding each other critical and responsible.

  • Values question-asking and encourages critical thinking
  • Subscribes to the idea that there are “no bad movements”, only inadequate preparation
  • Is confident in what they know and share but not averse to telling someone “I don’t know” when that’s the truth
  • Understands that their scope of practice does not include diagnosing injuries or conditions and likewise won’t prescribe movement as an antidote to any specific ailment
  • Promotes assists over adjustments allowing students to find the work for themselves rather than doing the work for them
  • Won’t tolerate any level of hate-speak, racism or bigotry. Their classes are designed to make yoga and movement accessible to more people so that this information can do more good in the world

We’re continually working to ensure that the Yoga Detour™ brand is one you will always be proud to represent. Every Instagram post, every email and every Facebook live will be done with you in mind because you have become the lifeblood and legacy of YD. Our marketing efforts ensure that Yoga Detour™ is synonymous with the best there is when it comes to progressive yoga and movement education. It’s not enough for the “Yoga Detour™” name to be known around the world. We want the name to carry with it such a high degree of integrity and excitement that as soon as people see it on a class schedule, they’ll be lining up. This is how our growth will feed your continued success.



When you carry this designation, it grants an added level of legitimacy to the amazing work you’re already doing. It shows others that you have an entire community standing behind everything you share. Putting RYDI after your name tells the world that you’re at the forefront of the yoga and movement revolution.


We want people to find you just as much as you want your classes to be full. The directory listing helps students looking for a local hit of Detour to find teachers in their area, or in the area where they’re traveling to. Don’t underestimate the power of this list – it’s one of the most visited pages on our website. Visit our Global Directory now.


Your access point for all things related to sharing Yoga Detour™ with the world. Here you’ll find the approved class description, workshop curriculum ideas and more. The space will continue to grow and evolve along with you, providing resources, insurance recommendations and RYDI-exclusive deals.


All RYDIs have a complimentary membership to the Detour Virtual Studio along with opportunities to share
classes through this platform.

Take a tour of the Detour Virtual Studio


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Hannah Stewart
RYDI since 2019
Ashford, Kent, UK


Drew Hume
RYDI since 2019
Costa Rica & Canada


Carrie Jacobson
RYDI since 2019
New York, USA

Hannah’s Detour:

“When I first started to learn the Detour Method I knew it was going to be a revelation for my own teaching, but I didn’t expect that I’d have co-written and be running my own Yoga Teacher training a year after taking DMO. It made me realise you can rewrite the rules and create your own narrative. I felt the current 200 hour YTT model lacked so much, yet Yoga Detour gave me the confidence and insight, by opening new educational pathways and many rabbit holes to travel down to enable us to write our own! Not to mention connecting me to a world wide collection of glorious inspirational humans.”

Licensee Agreement

The licensee agreement is a comprehensive legal document that you are required to sign and return upon the acceptance of your RYDI designation. The agreement leaves no stone unturned in terms of what you can and cannot do with the Yoga Detour™ name and curriculum. If questions ever come up with regard to how you’re using the Yoga Detour™ name, please contact us directly to ensure we’re always on the same page. Please note that violating the terms set out in the agreement could result in the cancellation of your RYDI designation and your right to use or represent Yoga Detour™ in the future.


We consider it our responsibility to ensure that all RYDIs are not only abiding by the terms of the licensee agreement but also teaching, interacting and communicating in ways that ensure brand cohesion and consistency. Our team will be periodically reviewing your website, social media and other places where the “Yoga Detour™” name is used and contacting you should any concerns arise. You are also invited to submit a full-length class for feedback twice a year, demonstrating the ways in which your approach continues to evolve while honouring the Detour method.

Send your questions to [email protected]


Ali Lipson
RYDI since 2019
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

david 2

David Hernandez
RYDI since 2019
Caracas, Venezuela


Maria Kiekari
RYDI since 2019
Veracruz, México


Kate Sassenelli
RYDI since 2020
Delph, Saddleworth, England

Rachel H

Rachel Hanberry
RYDI since 2020
Biscarrosse Plage, France

Ali’s Detour:

“I started going to Cecily’s classes and it opened my eyes to how I could make my yoga classes about more than just yoga postures as I had been practicing and teaching them. Less formulaic and alignment based, more functional and informed by some of the strength practices I had been training in. It was so much more interesting to be practicing and teaching in a way that built greater strength and connection to movement patterns rather than just serving the pose.”