The next step for bridging the gap between yoga and everything else….

Here’s what you will learn:

– The hamstring hang-up: Should we bend our knees in forward bends?

– Why it’s good and necessary to bend the knees past 90 degrees

– To bind or not to bind?

– Should headstands be abandoned, or can they be practiced safely?

– How to practice without compromising the SI joint

– Triangle pose – what’s the point?


TOP 8 FOR 2018

Information, tips and ideas to take your teaching up a notch.

Here’s what you will learn:

– How to make upward dog feel good for your body

– How to wake up your clients’ balance skills without just doing the same old balance postures

– How to break up with chaturanga and feel really good about it

– The main reason why so many yogis suffer from shoulder injuries and how to be the exception

– How to create a flow combining postures like side plank, triangle pose and half moon while integrating functional movement and corrective activation

– How to make your hip flexors feel better without stretching them -ever

– How to make backbends safe for those who want to practice them

– How to cue the breath in a way that won’t put you or your students at risk of dysfunction breathing