Yoga Detour Training will take place one weekend per month, over 10 months. 

Schedule: Saturday + Sunday 1-7pm

Location: The Mindful Movement Centre (68 Scollard St. in Toronto)

The 2016 program dates are as follows: 

February 6 + 7 w/ Cecily + Kby

Introduction to Yoga Detour: Sun Salutations and the fundamentals of your practice.

March 5 + 6 w/ Cecily + kby

Building Your Practice with Cecily and Kathryn: Exploration of Standing postures and forward bends.

April 2 + 3  w/ Chris kummer 

Diving Beneath the Surface: Anatomy of Movement 

May 7 + 8  w/ Cecily + KBY

Piecing it Together: Turning what you know into what you can teach.

June 4 + 5 w/ Steve (Saturday) + Laura (Sunday)

Going Beyond the Practice: Breathwork with Steve Donald (Saturday) and Creating Space for Yoga with Laura Sygrove (Sunday)

July 9 + 10 w/ Cecily + KBY

Confronting Fear: Exploring Backbends + Inversions and first Practicum

August 13 + 14 w/ Lovedeep Dhunna

Understanding Movement as Behaviour: Strength, Coaching and Communication 

September 10 + 11 w/ Cecily + Kby

Finding Your Seat: Seated postures, twists and forward bends

October 15 + 16 w/ grant hutchinson

Discovering Stillness: Meditation in its many forms

November 12 + 13 w/ cecily + KBY

Arriving at the Destination: Sequencing a Class and second Practicum

**Final Practicum will be scheduled outside of in-class hours and will consist of teaching a 60min Karma Class at Mindful Movement Centre prior to November 2017.

Our in-class hours will total 120 hours. Classes with our Community Affiliates will total approximately 25 hours. The remaining 55 hours should be comprised of:

- 15 hours of workshops (If you have already completed a Yoga Detour Intensive, this can be used toward your 200 hours. Workshops with other instructors can also be submitted for approval).

- 10 hours with homework and reading material (see list of resources below)

- 5 hours dedicated toward teaching practicums 

- 25 hours personal practice and accumulated meditation time (with a minimum of 10 hours dedicated to meditation)

We encourage you to make these weekends a top priority in your calendar. Absences will result in a lack of continuity in your training. We cannot offer any compensation for classes missed.

To prepare for your training, please acquire the following texts and familiarize yourself with them prior to the start of the program: