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Jenni Rawlings: 5 Influential Yogis Weigh in on Yoga Adjustments: When, Why, and Whether to Give Them

Physical touch in the form of adjustments and assists is a controversial topic in the yoga world these days. When should they be given? Should they be given at all? Do they add to or detract from a student’s experience on the mat?


Dr. Moses Bernard: Interview with Yoga Detour

Watch this interview, originally captured live on Instagram, where Dr. Moses Bernard talks to Cecily about topics in the movement and yoga world such as core engagement and the bandhas. Dr. Moses Bernard is a Movement Performance Chiropractor based out of Florida in the United States.


Post Competitive Insight: Yoga Detour – Integrated Upper Body

”Cecily Milne is the mind behind yoga detour, movement education that encourages the yoga population to go beyond ‘nailing poses’. She immediately reminded me of Marlo Fisken – a “pole person” who’s actual draw is that she is a brilliant cuer, observer, and communicator of hows.  Aside from being able to do ‘cool stuff’, they can break it down into a prioritized, applicable sequence so you can do it to.  I attend workshops not to gain the skill, but the craft of teaching the skill.” Read more…


Shut Up and Yoga: 19 Yoga and Movement Teachers to Watch in 2019

Whether you’ve been practicing traditional yoga, dabbling with, or even geeking out on multi-disciplinary and science-informed movement, we hope that you will benefit from meeting these movement explorers and forward-thinkers.

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Shut Up and Yoga: What to look for in a modern yoga teacher training

Whether you’re a curious yogi, a seasoned teacher wanting to take your knowledge further, or a studio owner looking to start or improve your teacher training, you only need a quick Google search to swim in a sea of yoga teacher training offerings. Given the financial investment required for any training, choosing the right one isn’t a decision to make lightly.