Please complete the online YD student karma class evaluation form within 24 hours of the class.

NOTE: Since it is not possible to save your answers, please try to set aside enough time to complete this in one sitting. Clicking submit will save your evaluation and send it to YD HQ.

Student Name *
Student Name
Evaluator Name *
Evaluator Name
Date *
Class Introduction
Did the instructor introduce himself/herself? *
Did the instructor poll the class about injuries or restrictions? *
Did the instructor inform students whether props would be needed? *
Was a theme or plan introduced from the start of the class? *
Class Structure and Flow
Did the instructor give students a warm-up? Did it seem sufficient based on who is in the class? *
Was the instructor’s sequencing logical? *
Were the poses/movements given appropriate to the level of students? *
Was there a clear beginning, middle and end to the class? *
Was the instructor mindful of how much time was being spent in each hold? Was student energy level taken into consideration? *
Instructor Knowledge
Did the instructor teach movements/postures in a way that was biomechanically sound? *
Did the instructor use appropriate terminology that the class understood? *
Were actions defined and explained? *
Were alternative poses or modifications provided? *
Did the instructor explain WHY they chose certain movements and how one was related to another? Were poses broken down in a way that made sense of the actions that led up to them? *
Class dynamic
Did instruction come across as (check all that apply) *
Did the instructor use music?
Was it appropriate and effective? *
Did students appear to respond well to the class? *
Did the instructor stay behind after class to answer questions? *
Instructing techniques
Did the instructor move off his or her mat? *
Did the instructor provide hands-on assists? *
If yes, were the assists given in a safe, confident manner? *
Did the instructor demonstrate poses and have students watch? *
Did the instructor practice with the class as they taught? *
Were verbal cues used effectively? *
If props were used, were they employed thoughtfully? *
Practicum Result
Approved to teach the following: *
Additional practicum: *