Post Training Resources

Congratulations on completing your detour training.

So now what? Well, here’s everything you need to know to stay connected in one way or another.

We’d love to hear about your most recent Detour experience.

Detour Method Alumni private Facebook group:

This is the best way to stay connected with other Detour students and faculty. Share resources, ask questions and pick up where your training left off. We’ll also post about upcoming events, programming and other good stuff to keep you in the know.

You can request permission to access the group here.

Detour Method Online (DMO):

Looking to continue your Detour education from the comfort of your home? DMO runs twice a year. Interested in joining that cohort? Send me an email and I’ll provide information on early bird pricing just for you!

Learn more about DMO here.

Monthly Mentor Membership (M3):

This is our answer to the never-ending need for more continuing education in the yoga and movement communities. M3 is exclusive to those who have completed a Yoga Detour Training, which now includes you!

Click here to view the current line-up of mentors!

As a way to celebrate you completing this immersion, we’re offering everyone in this training the opportunity to sign up at a reduced rate ($660 annually or $65 monthly compared to $780 annually or $75 monthly). This special rate will be available through to June 30th only.

If you want to take the leap, go here:
Then enter the code “dm-monthly” for monthly payment, or “dm-annual” for yearly payment.

Our favourite things:

Anything by Todd Hargrove including his most recent book Playing With Movement: How to Explore the Many Dimensions of Physical Health and Performance. His previous book A Guide to Better Movement is also great if you’re looking to dive deeper into the nervous system, mobility and pain.

Mary Bond offers a wealth of information on her website and her book The New Rules of Posture is a Detour staple.

Same goes for Katy Bowman. She’s written a number of books and I’d say the one that keeps popping up in YD online discussion is Diastasis Recti. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking you need to have core-related issues to benefit. This is truly a good read for anyone with a body!

Other books for you to geek out on:

The Liberated Body Podcast with Brooke Thomas is also an amazing wealth of information from various experts in the field (and I’m personally digging her more recent collaboration with Vanessa Scotto called Bliss + Grit).

Using the Yoga Detour™ name:

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