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RewirED: Cecily Milne – Patience, Presence, and Intentional Curiosity in the Field of Movement Education

Cecily Milne is a movement educator whose work focuses on the creation of resources and experiences that change the way people understand movement and the body. Yoga Detour, the innovative organization she founded over 10 years ago, takes a fresh look at a traditional practice, asking students to examine the WHY behind movements to question their assumptions, and reflect on their experiences as they find their own personal pathway towards an effective movement practice.

Her work in establishing Yoga Detour as an educational hub for instructors in the industry, has encouraged inquiry in innovation in the sector. I’m really looking forward to sharing our conversation with you today about how she came to be this powerful and positive force in the field of movement education.


Heart of the Matter: Series 5, Episode 4 – Reserve the Right to Change Your Mind with Cecily Milne

A podcast conversation between Naomi and Cecily about the concept of change, adaptation, and the psychology of navigating change as a teacher and individual in today’s world.


The Connected Yoga Teacher: Episode #187 – How to Choose a Yoga Teacher Training with Cecily Milne

What sets a great YTT apart from the rest? Shannon and Cecily dig into why many teacher training programs today fail to set trainees up for success, and the top lessons Cecily learned from running her own 200hr TT. Cecily also highlights the importance of diversity and representation teacher trainings, teaching skills and evaluations, and the business aspect of running YTTs. Ultimately, choosing a YTT is all about finding the right fit between the student and the school.

Yoga purists may not believe that what Cecily is teaching counts as “yoga,” but there’s something more important than serving the practice: serving your students. Every body is different, and your teaching should reflect that. Cecily will teach you how. If you’re a yoga teacher, or a movement coach of any kind, Cecily wants to help you learn not what to teach, but HOW to teach it.


Maestro on the Mic: Episode #202 – Serve Your Students, Not the Practice with Cecily Milne

Cecily Milne is doing yoga a little bit differently. After years of practicing ashtanga yoga exclusively, her injuries couldn’t be ignored and the same old standards needed some questioning. Then came Yoga Detour: Cecily’s way to facilitate change in the way movement is understood. In her own words, Cecily is here to help others to be the best at what they do, and to be agents of change.

Yoga purists may not believe that what Cecily is teaching counts as “yoga,” but there’s something more important than serving the practice: serving your students. Every body is different, and your teaching should reflect that. Cecily will teach you how. If you’re a yoga teacher, or a movement coach of any kind, Cecily wants to help you learn not what to teach, but HOW to teach it.


J Brown Yoga Talks: Cecily Milne – ”New Paradigms and a Yoga Detour”

Cecily Milne, founder of Yoga Detour, talks with J about the changing paradigm of yoga practice in the west and the ways in which she has grown and evolved alongside the changing conversation. They discuss her departure from Ashtanga Yoga and exploration of other movement modalities, the influences that have shaped her perspective, yoga classifications and meeting expectations, and challenging ourselves to move through the discomfort of breaking patterns that no longer serve and trust in our own powers of perception.

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Bent Over Wellness Podcast with Isidora Romantini: Episode 38 – Cecily Milne: Cues in Question

What yoga cues are useful?  What cues make, or don’t make sense?  Why?

Join Cecily and me in a conversation about cues we used to use, rather useless cues that we still hear and what we can do better as teachers to communicate intelligent and purposeful movement sequences to our students.  If you are a yoga teacher, listen in.  If you’re a student, you’ll undoubtedly be able to relate and hopefully begin to question what you’ve been hearing in your yoga classes.

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Teaching Yoga Podcast with Cora Geroux Episode 02 – “University” For Yoga Teachers with Cecily Milne From Yoga Detour

Podcast highlights: The importance of critical thinking as a yoga teacher, why Cecily no longer calls herself a yoga teacher, how to approach your studio owner / manager about teaching “non-yoga” movement classes, the difference between leading a class, and facilitating learning in your classes, how Cecily uses experiential learning to empower her students, the use of inquiry to create mindful experiences, and so much more.


The Mentor Sessions Podcast with Francesca Cervero: Episode 61 – Rethinking Yoga Teacher Training with Cecily Milne

In this episode you’ll hear: a conversation about yoga teacher education and critical thinking, what might be missing from many yoga teacher training programs and how we can add it back in, the hallmarks of high quality teaching in yoga and movement spaces, the most important skills a yoga teacher needs to develop and the best ways to do that.


The Kronic Lifestyle Podcast with Coach Kronic: Episode 44 – Yoga Detour “Shifting the Paradigm”

This podcast will change the way you think about movement and yoga. It will make you question certain statements and ideas you’ve deemed to be true. Cecily is an incredible teacher, coach and leader who changes the way people go about increasing mobility, diving into movement and yoga itself. If you do yoga, if you lift in the gym, if you are a human, LISTEN TO THIS! Cecily will teach you how to human better.


Unusually Focused Podcast with Ryan Orrico: Episode 7 – Making Yoga Great Again with Yoga Detour

In this conversation: Why I retired from teaching after I found her stuff, being unapologetic about focusing on the movement aspect of the practice, Bullying, Ashtanga, and Callout Culture, deadlifts and Detour Maps to prepare the body for meditation, what the perfect yoga class looks like, a Detour Map for pushups, and a bunch more. You’ll dig it.

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Freedom Becomes You Podcast with Julian Walker: Cecily Milne – Yoga Detour

Cecily Milne is the fascinating and innovative creator of Yoga Detour. I caught up with Cecily to hear about her journey through being a dedicated ashtanga student and teacher who struggled with debilitating injuries, to come to the point now of offering teachers continuing education in a science and research informed approach to the moving body. I am delighted to be getting to know this new voice on the #yogarenaissance landscape!


Interview with a Yogi – A Woke Yoga Podcast with Cora Geroux: Episode 6 – Cecily Milne on The ‘Missing Ingredients’ From Modern Asana

In this episode, we discuss: Cecily’s departure from the Ashtanga Yoga System, why not to freak out as a yoga teacher if your class numbers drop when trying something new, what the fu*k “engage your core” actually means, how to develop a balanced, reflective & responsive core, Cecily’s insights on the main blind spots in modern yoga, why we need to train our bodies to their full range capacity, and more.


The Mentor Sessions Podcast with Francesca Cervero: Episode 32 – Incorporating Non-Yoga Movements In Your Classes with Guest Teacher Cecily Milne

In this episode you’ll hear: why Cecily thinks it is important to integrate movements from outside of the traditional asana practices into yoga classes, why many teachers have some trepidation about doing this and suggestions for them, whether or not it makes sense to keep calling our classes “yoga” when we start to bring in non-yoga movements, and more!


The Mindful Strength Podcast with Kathryn Bruni-Young: #sneakystrengthyoga Challenge Day 1 with Cecily Milne

Mindful Strength welcomes the #SneakyStrengthYoga Challenge podcast series, daily interviews supporting the online movement that aims to spread the message of “strength” in the yoga community. Kathryn connects with the six other intelligent and inspiring challenge hosts who have collaborated on the #sneakystrengthyoga project, all of whom are guest contributors to Jenni Rawlings’ online class library.