Monthly Mentor Membership

Monthly Mentor Membership Program


Welcome to the Monthly Mentor Mentorship Program, known affectionately around Detour HQ as M3. This is our answer to the never-ending need for more continuing education in the yoga and movement community. M3 is exclusive to those who have already completed another Yoga Detour Training. This is to ensure that everyone in this program is on the same page when it comes to their interest and commitment to learning. This is a continuation of the journey you’ve already begun, surrounded by peers who are equally invested in the evolution of our community.

Each month features a new Mentor, teaching from a place of expertise. They provide you with a package of resources (articles, podcast episodes, video content etc.) and self-study activities at the start of each session. You have the month to work through the content at your own pace while staying connected to the group and your Mentor in the M3 online forum.

Each session will culminate with a live online interview between Cecily and the featured Mentor – think of it as an exclusive M3 podcast. Participants are welcome to attend the call but will also receive the link to download it afterward. One month will feed into the next, crafting an ongoing experience of progressive education.

MARCH 2019

Cecily Milne

The Language of Movement with Cecily Milne

To be competent movers, we learn to translate instructions into movements and postures. To be competent teachers, we must learn to translate movement and postures into coherent instructions. Together we’re going to unpack cueing and communication, finding a bridge between what we want to teach people, and how to say it in a way that will make sense. Speak from a place of deep understanding without alienating your students with technical jargon. Find a sense of newfound confidence in your words and discover the sense of competence that comes when you watch your words transform into other people’s ah-ha moments.

APRIL 2019

The Science of Breath with Jennifer Snowdon

What is happening when we breathe? We inhale and exhale over 20,000 times each day, often with little awareness of what we are doing and how it is impacting us. In this month-long exploration, we will learn the anatomy and physiology of breathing, begin developing better breathing habits for ourselves, and discuss how to teach with a more functional breath-informed approach.

MAY 2019

Communicating with Your Body with Samantha Faulhaber

What happens when you move? This session will dive into the science of cellular management and how to guide it. Heavily influenced by Functional Range Conditioning and Kinstretch, Samantha Faulhaber will ask you questions and lead you through internal exploration with long-term results in mind.

JUNE 2019

Inclusivity as an Expression of Body Positivity with Carly Stong

This is a training for yoga and movement professionals looking to better understand what it means to be inclusive. In our time together, you’ll learn how your space, marketing, language, and practice can empower you and the people you work with.

JULY 2019

Demystifying Business Success with Michelle Sengara

Starting a new business, expanding a business, or trying to come up with a good business idea can be an incredibly daunting experience. Michelle will help you break down larger concepts into smaller, manageable tasks and timelines so that you can take the next steps you need to turn your abstract thinking in a concrete product offering.


Pain, Explained with Drew Hume

Many people are in chronic pain and a lot of them don’t even know how to describe it, let alone do anything about it. Together we’ll address the vocabulary around sensation, giving you a language to share with students. We’ll also branch into discussions around what pain means, if anything, from a physiological perspective and therefore how much attention we need to pay it. You’ll also learn how pain can be approached in your teaching and practice. Whether you wish to get out of pain or help people to realize that they don’t have to accept pain as a part of their lives, this will be a transformational month of learning.


A Trauma-Informed Framework for Creating Safer Spaces with Jenn Cardoso

Whether you know it or not, you’re engaging with people every day who are experiencing some degree of chronic or traumatic stress. This session will expand your understanding of stress, trauma and their impacts on the brain, nervous system and body. Drawing from polyvagal theory, we’ll explore the key role of evolution in our fundamental need to feel safe, and how that influences our emotions and even dictates our behaviours. Through this lens, you’ll develop a refined approach to teaching, one that can integrate simple body-based self-regulation practices and co-regulation techniques to keep both you and your students grounded, calm and in the present moment.


The Science and Soul of Pre-Natal Yoga with Nicky Poole

If you are teaching yoga, or any other type of movement, chances are very high that you will have pregnant clients. Do you have the confidence to be able to help them? During our month together you will learn to separate facts from fiction when it comes to healthy exercise practices during pregnancy. What actually happens to the body during pregnancy? Can you do inversions including downward dog during pregnancy? How might it affect the positioning of your baby? What are the implications of an extra 25-50lbs of load on the joints, ligaments and cardiovascular system? What does science say about practicing hot yoga? What are the movements and lifestyle patterns that might contribute to diastasis recti? How can we use yoga postures to prepare the body physically and emotionally for birth? Using critical thinking and current research around exercise and pregnancy, you will learn to create yoga and movement based sessions that serve the needs of your clients. Teach from a place of empowerment and education, not from a place of fear and misinformation.


Task-based Movement Situations in Practice with Elke Schroeder

Through the lens of the Fighting Monkey practice, we will explore task-based movement and its application in teaching and personal practices that have longevity as a core value. In complement and contrast to an alignment-based training, we can use Task as a way to explore our own and our students’ individual physical, mental and emotional needs in movement practice. What is a task-based movement situation? How do we, as instructors and practitioners, compose the parameters of the tasks necessary for the experience to be clear in intention, useful for training, open to creative exploration, safe, pushing the edge and inclusive? Elke will work with the Fighting Monkey philosophy as well as draw from her extensive background in dance and experience as an instructor of yoga and movement.


Integration Month

We’ll use the solstice as a time to individually process everything the program has offered up until this point. Look forward to new audio recordings to practice along to throughout the holidays as a means of staying connected to this process until the next round of M3 begins in January.

Investment for the M3 Program



$780 / year

Amount is in USD

(Plus tax where applicable.)


$75 / month

Amount is in USD

(Plus tax where applicable.)


Do I get to engage with the Mentor?

Yes! You can engage with the mentor and your fellow mentees through our online forum. There’s also that live call scheduled for the last Thursday of each month at 12:00pm ET. Calls will be recorded and available to download afterwards. We use Zoom to facilitate these calls.

Is the content shared each month downloadable?

Yes, the majority of the content shared will be downloadable and yours to keep or available from sites like YouTube and Stitcher.

How does billing work?

Membership fees are billed in advance, are NON-REFUNDABLE, and automatically renew on a monthly or annual basis.

Will I have access to previous months’ content if I join late?

No, you will only have access to content that is released after the date you sign up.

What if I have tech questions?

You can always direct your Qs by email to [email protected]. Please note we will not be answering tech questions through the online forum or other social media platforms (Facebook messenger, Instagram DM).

Can I cancel my subscription? How about a refund?

You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time via your account page. No refunds or credits will be provided for partial months or for months unused.

If I cancel will I still have access?

Once you cancel you will no longer have access to the membership site once your current membership period is completed. You will be able to download any content or shared resources that exist on the platform as long as your membership is active.

Is my membership transferable?

No, your membership is not transferable.

”My teaching has felt so inspired from the Yoga Detour online course. I feel like I am looking at the yoga practice and my teaching with a new set of eyes. The more I learn and dive into the aspects of the practice that excite me, delight me and scare me my mind continues to expand and grow. As I continue to apply it into my teachings, I see my regular students and new students want more. This Yoga Detour work has been super profound and just simply SMART… I find myself saying, ‘yah that makes sense’.”

 – Sara Hess