Welcome to next level learning.

The Yoga Detour Mentorship Program (YDMP) is designed for those who are ready to bring their teaching to a place of newfound confidence, enhanced comprehension and freedom of expression.

Each mentorships runs for a three-month incubator period. During that time, you'll learn what it takes to teach and communicate in a way that will have your clients wondering where you've been all their lives!

Registration for each incubator period is limited to 4 people (summer term is limited to 2 students). This gives Cecily sufficient bandwidth to ensure ample one-on-one contact and focused attention.

If you're ready to invest in yourself and level-up your teaching to the point where there's no question that you're giving people your best, apply today.

Summer Incubator - July/August 2018

Fall Incubator - September—November 2018

This program is centred around regularly scheduled online calls where your questions, ideas and goals can be explored through a lens that is individual to you and what you're after. This isn't about our agenda - this is about owning what you want to share with the world and letting us help define the path alongside you.

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to merge yoga and functional movement
  • Represent yourself (and what you have to offer) in a way that is authentic
  • Gain access to top-notch information tailored to you - elements of the Detour method that are most applicable to where you're at
  • Use the YD teaching resources others have killed for in the past (or so they told us)
  • Receive audio recordings of Cecily teaching to use as inspiration for your own classes
  • Explore how to write and communicate online
  • Receive feedback on your classes and private sessions

Investment: $697/month for 3 months

Payment Options:

- Three monthly instalments of $697 (+tax where applicable) using pre-authorized credit card

- Pay in full upon acceptance and receive $100 discount ($1991 +tax where applicable)

Yoga Detour Mentorship is not eligible for sliding scale consideration.

To get the goods, you gotta apply. Tell us why this is the right fit for you.