M3 2020

Monthly Mentor Membership Program

Welcome to the Monthly Mentor Mentorship Program, known affectionately around Detour HQ as M3. This is our answer to the never-ending need for more continuing education in the yoga and movement community. M3 is open to anyone with an interest and commitment to learning and desire to be surrounded by peers who are equally invested in the evolution of our community.

Each month will feature a new Mentor, teaching from a place of expertise. They will provide you with a package of resources (articles, podcast episodes, video content etc.) and self-study activities. You’ll have the month to work through the content at your own pace while staying connected to the group and your Mentor in the online forum exclusive to this program.

The month will culminate with a live call, where the Mentor will engage in a Q+A style interview. While all M3 members are invited to join these calls, the recordings will also be available for download afterward.

One month will feed into the next, crafting an ongoing experience of progressive education.

Meet your 2020 Mentors


Seducing the Nervous System: How to Get Your Body to Do What You Want with Dr. Shanté Cofield

Join The Movement Maestro, aka Dr. Shanté Cofield for an exploration of the nervous system and how it relates to mobility, stability, and pain. Cadavers don’t have trigger points, joint manipulations are performed under anesthesia, and what we are capable of lifting can vary wildly from one day to the next. Why? Because of the nervous system. Strength and mobility are granted by the nervous system, pain is an output of the brain, and limits exist only in the mind (mostly). If we truly want to experience our full potential as humans we need a better understanding of this incredible vessel we’ve been gifted. Want gains? Make the nervous system feel safe. Let her teach you how.


How to Get Better at Anything with Jeremy Fein

Think of something you’re really good at – handstands, organizing spreadsheets, chopping vegetables. Now think of something you can’t do. Maybe juggling? What’s the difference between these two skills? Most likely, it has something to do with practice, but not just any kind. We’ll use juggling as a lens through which to view skill acquisition. Put simply: we’ll learn how to learn. Leave the month with a deeper understanding of your existing practice, as well as how to broaden it.

MARCH 2020

Unconventional Yoga Marketing with Ryan Orrico

Learn to use your personality and no-to-low cost marketing strategies to get people into your classes, workshops, and retreats. You’ll learn a systematic approach to marketing with authenticity using social media, email, and hyper-targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising.

APRIL 2020

Hips Don’t Lie + Foot Forward with Clayton (Weakley) Moves

Clayton Moves will lead us through the foundations of how to develop functional feet and strong, mobile hips. This session will focus on many insights gleaned from The Foot Collective as well as Functional Range Conditioning and Kinstretch. Clayton will not only help you develop your own mobility practice, but more importantly, help you become more effective with creative cueing and being able to assess when a student needs to progress or regress. By the end of this session, you will feel confident on how to educate and prepare someone to develop strong feet and strong hips in a safe and effective way. Clayton will also encourage you to connect more with your students and learn how to weave components of their personal movement interests (like running, climbing, hiking, powerlifting, handstands) in order to solidify student’s comprehension and adherence to you as a valued instructor.

MAY 2020

Sharing Privilege: Intersecting accessibility and abundance with Robin Lacambra

Anti-oppression work should be at the core of every community and every space where groups of people gather. It is important that any individual, leading groups of people, has some awareness around anti-oppression efforts. This starts with acknowledging one’s own privilege, becoming aware of systematic oppression and where on the spectrum (of privilege and oppression) different groups land. In this session, we will explore ways we can sustainably share our individual privilege to create more access and abundance for more people – especially the groups of people that are often left out of the conversation or are under-represented in western wellness worlds. This work is an on-going ever evolving conversation. There is no pretty packaged parcel that guarantees an offence-free, trigger-free, perfect outcome. Instead, what we all should strive for in anti-oppression work is earnest effort, attuned listening skills, ability to receive feedback, accountability and mindful response.

JUNE 2020

Shoulder Health: Recovery and maintenance with Drew Hume

Diving into an exploration of shoulder girdle health in general as well as addressing some more specific concerns and medical conditions with an evidence-based approach to rehab and prehab. Topics this month will include shoulder girdle general anatomy and upper limb biomechanics, frozen shoulder and what you need to know about it, biceps tendonitis and AC damage and shoulder separation.

JULY 2020

Building an Educational Ecosystem with Michelle Sengara

Are you looking to scale your business and teach more workshops and teacher trainings? Have you been thinking about developing an online course but aren’t sure where to start? Do you want to combine face-to-face classes with online interaction for a more comprehensive learning experience? This month on M3 our resident Education Architect, Michelle Sengara, returns to talk about all things teaching and learning! She’ll help you structure the chaos of your mind into more meaningful, mindful educational products and services to give you the tools and inspiration needed to bring your current offerings to the next level.


An Introduction to The Science of the Private Lesson with Francesca Cervero

Do you feel like you’re always hustling for more private clients? Do you feel depleted from running all over town teaching tons of group classes? Do you feel drained from teaching the private clients you do have? This is SUPER common, but it doesn’t have to be like this for you. It is possible to inspire and support meaningful change in your student’s lives in a way that is sustainable. In this session you’ll discover the unique skill set that is required to teach yoga one-on-one and how this differs from teaching group classes; skills often left out of most teacher trainings.


Teaching People Not Poses with Jay Fields

The heart of teaching is in your presence and your ability to connect with self and others in an authentic way. This requires that you be vulnerable even as you are the expert in the room, and that requires embodied self-awareness and self-empathy – skills that not many of us have been taught elsewhere. Together we’ll explore how understanding a bit about your neurobiological wiring can help you to not get tripped up by self-doubt, anxiety and difficult emotions so that you can feel and sound more like yourself and less like a fraud when you teach. Through conceptual learning and experiential practices, grow your capacity to become more trustworthy and empathic toward yourself so as to create an environment that facilitates growth and learning for your students.


Pelvis Principles: Human Movement From the Inside Out with Moses Bernard

There is a lot of confusion out there around the pelvis, its importance, and what that means for our personal movement practices. Join Dr. Moses Bernard as he breaks down the anatomy and physiology of the pelvis, helps you cut through the noise and common misunderstandings, and gives you some practical tools to understand the interplay between the pelvic floor, diaphragm, spine, and hips.

November Mentor announced shortly!

Being a part of the M3 program has really been the best decision. Each month we get to learn from a new mentor who is an expert in their field. I am extremely busy and the way the monthly sessions are organized allows me to review the material at my own pace, which is something I wouldn’t otherwise be able to delve into if I had to stick to a defined schedule. The best part is the forum which allows us 100% access to the mentor which in of itself is a BIG deal. You wouldn’t even be able to get a private lesson with these people for the price we pay to have access to them here. The value of the M3 program is too good to pass up.
– Lisa Garside, M3 member since March 2019

Investment for the M3 Program


$497 / year

Amount is in USD


$49 / month

Amount is in USD


Do I get to engage with the Mentor?

Yes! You can engage with the mentor and your fellow mentees through online discussion in the private monthly forum. There’s also that live call, where the Mentor will engage in a Q+A style interview. While all M3 members are invited to join these calls, the recordings will also be available for download afterward. We use Zoom to facilitate these calls.

Is the content shared each month downloadable?

Yes, the majority of the content shared will be downloadable and yours to keep or available from sites like YouTube and Stitcher.

How does billing work?

Membership fees are billed in advance, are NON-REFUNDABLE, and automatically renew on a monthly or annual basis.

Will I have access to previous months’ content if I join late?

No, you will only have access to content that is released after the date you sign up.

What if I have tech questions?

You can always direct your questions by email to [email protected]. Please note we will not be answering technical questions through the online forum or other social media platforms (Facebook messenger, Instagram DM).

Can I cancel my subscription? How about a refund?

You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time via your account page. No refunds or credits will be provided for partial months or for months unused.

If I cancel will I still have access?

Once you cancel you will no longer have access to the membership site once your current membership period is completed. You will be able to download any content or shared resources that exist on the platform as long as your membership is active.

Is my membership transferable?

No, your membership is not transferable.

I’ve found the recordings and articles to be useful and relevant to me amidst the current world state. Knowing that I can always come back to the forum for guidance is a plus. I’m planning to set aside 15mins a day to go through the wonderful resources. So glad I get to know and have direct access to these mentors who are so learned in their own areas of expertise. Without M3 I wouldn’t have gotten to know them and their work.

– Rachel Foo, Registered Yoga Detour™ Instructor