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Detour-Informed Teachers

Through training and individual assessment, Detour-Informed teachers develop core competencies in Physical Literacy (PL): The ability to effectively interpret their students’ current and potential capacities, and Movement Integrity (MI): The ability to cultivate resilience over rigidity using variable loads, dynamic mobility and creative play, connecting with students on both physical and neurological levels.

Using the isolate-activate-integrate approach, a Detour-Informed teacher can identify blindspots to inform current training and achieve future goals in a progressive and strategic way. When you’re Detour-Informed, you gain access to game-changing perspectives and information that will forever enhance your personal practice and teaching abilities.

These teachers have received a certificate of completion for (at least) one of the following: Detour Method Online, Yoga Detour 200HR Teacher Training,  Detour 5-day Immersion, or the YD Teachers Immersion Program.

Registered Yoga Detour™ Instructor

Registered Yoga Detour™ Instructors possess the skills and knowhow to offer recognized Yoga Detour™ classes and workshops. In addition to their Detour-Informed training, these instructors teach from a place of Educational Empowerment (EE): An ability to communicate expertise and encourage curiosity through the isolate-activate-integrate Detour framework. RYD instructors merge yoga asana with intentional, creative approaches to strength and mobility, creating classes and workshops that prioritize sustainability and movement longevity.

The RYDI designation is given to those who demonstrate a high level of engagement with the Yoga Detour community. They undergo a rigorous application process and commit to continual life-long learning across various movement disciplines.