Got Questions? We've Got Answers. 

How much yoga experience is necessary to participate in a Yoga Detour Teacher Training?

Yoga Detour Teacher Trainings are open to practitioners at all levels. The students in our program range from those who have been practicing for less than a year to those who have been practicing for over a decade. Our program is popular amongst those who have already completed other teacher trainings who are interested in expanding their knowledge and experience as instructors, as well as those with no intention of ever teaching a class who wish to deepen their personal practice. 

I’m not sure I can attend all of the in-class hours. Is it possible to make up classes missed at another time?

We encourage all of our participants to make the in-class hours a priority in their schedule. In order to qualify for Yoga Detour certification, you must attend a minimum 90% of in-class time. Missing a day (or more) of your training will diminish your takeaway from this program, since each hour has been meticulously planned to cover a great deal of information in the limited amount of time we have together. If you MUST miss a class, we encourage you to connect with a fellow student to share notes, photos and videos of the material missed. Please note that weekends with Cecily and Kathryn are COMPULSORY and must be attended in order to qualify for certification. Click here to review 2018 dates.

I don’t live in Toronto. How can I take advantage of the Community Affiliate classes?

Classes at Affiliate Studios are a requirement to completing this program and receiving a Yoga Detour Certificate. We understand that for some students, scheduling and access to transportation can present challenges. For that reason, we accept requests on an individual basis to have passes transferred to Affiliates that you are able to get to. That said, we will not accommodate requests based purely on preference - we encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, whether that means leaving the neighbourhood or trying a practice style that is new to you. If you are from out of town, we ask that you make the most of your time in Toronto outside of teacher training to attend Affiliate Classes; there are several options that are possible to attend in the mornings before weekend TT sessions. Your passes are valid for the remainder of the year that you are enrolled in the program, leaving what should be ample time to complete them.

What are my options in terms of payment plans?

Beyond the required non-refundable deposit of $500+HST, we offer flexible options for paying the balance of tuition. If you wish to take advantage of a payment plan please email To inquire about scholarships and sliding scale options, please click here.

What is the cancellation policy for Yoga Detour teacher trainings?

Cancellations are accepted up to two months in advance of the first class, after which refunds are no longer available. All cancellations will be subject to a $100+HST administrative fee along with non-refundable $500+HST deposit.

How many people are admitted into each teacher training class?

We cap all trainings at 20 participants. 

Is Yoga Detour registered with the Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Detour is NOT registered with Yoga Alliance. For more information on this decision, click here.

Will I be able to teach yoga classes after completing this program?

Yes. If teaching is what you endeavour to take away as a skill from this training, you will have the foundational skills to begin sharing what you’ve learnt right away. We believe firmly, however, that a 200 hour training merely scratches the surface when it comes to exposure of the various perspectives, in-depth knowledge and hands on experience required to truly make someone a top-notch teacher. For this reason we have developed an extensive Continuing Education program that launched in January 2017, click here to learn more!

How can I get a taste of what Yoga Detour has to offer if I’m not quite ready to take the plunge into a full Teacher Training program?

Take a class with Cecily at Downward Dog Yoga Centre or attend a Mindful Strength workshop with Kathryn. Connect with other members of the faculty, each of whom would be happy to tell you more about what they teach in the program if you reach out via email. Please contact if you would like an introduction.