Detour Virtual Studio – OLD #2

Detour Virtual Studio
Access online yoga and movement classes taught by
Registered Yoga Detour™ Instructors.

There’s never been a better time to access world class instruction from the comfort of home.

It’s been a goal of ours for a long time to provide a platform that spotlights Detour trailblazers who represent what this community is all about.

In the DVS, you can practice with teachers from all over the world and experience a unique approach to led classes that are creative without being overly complex, and strong while still being accessible. Each practice will leave you feeling grounded and at ease, despite the fact that we broadcast from our homes where pets, partners and little ones sometimes make guest appearances.

Membership is based on a sliding scale ($15, $25 or $35 per month).
Fees go directly to our RYDIs, supporting them as entrepreneurial path-finders.

All classes are shared through a private Facebook group.
Live classes broadcast 6 days/week with additional pre-recorded classes released on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Live classes remain posted indefinitely, so you can practice at whatever time works best.


All classes are listed in Eastern Standard Time.

Monday 11AM

Hannah Stewart

Tuesday 10AM

Fer Pasquel (Español)

Wednesday 11AM

Sara Paige

Wednesday (prerecorded)

Alternating Teachers

Thursday 10AM

Rachel Hanberry

Friday 11AM

Cecily Milne

Saturday (prerecorded)

Alternating Teachers

Sunday 10AM

Ali Lipson

Jay Brown

“I’m really enjoying DVS! Great, well designed classes in a format so I can take them when it’s convenient, or do some of them again (e.g., Cecily’s squat class, Drew’s feet & ankles class) Thanks to everyone for doing such a great job with DVS!”

– Jay Brown, DVS Student

Join the Detour Virtual Studio today!

“I’ve been so grateful during this time to have access to DVS. I originally joined as Cecily is my fav yoga teacher ever, so I was really looking forward to still being able to take class from her while everything is shut down. What I didn’t anticipate was loving the other teachers so much. This has been a great way to try out their classes, where I may not have done so IRL. Yay!

For me, the pre-recorded sessions are preferred, so that I can do them on my own time. I also love that each teacher gives a brief description of what the class will focus on, as that allows me to choose which class to take based on which area of my body needs a little extra TLC.

Thanks again, and looking forward to month two!”

– Bree, DVS Student


Meet our RYDIs

(Registered Yoga Detour Instructors)


What is one thing that Yoga Detour™ did for you that you didn’t expect?

”Yoga Detour connected me to like minded people who love learning, who think like me, who have integrity and passion for making the world a better place.”

– Rachel Hanberry, RYDI

How would you describe your teaching style/method in one sentence?

”My purpose as a movement instructor is to create an informed, inclusive movement experience that will bring people closer to their movement goals while creating physical autonomy and awareness. If I can do that with a sense of humor day in and day out, I’ll be the happiest.”

– David Hernandez, RYDI

Where was the turning point in your teaching career? What changed?

”When I learned how my body works and what is happening, I stopped guiding classes to reach fancy poses. Let’s face it, no one will wait for the bus in bird of paradise, but we can all benefit from some scapular push ups.”

– Fer Pasquel, RYDI

Keep moving. Stay connected.


“Your studio is the best part of my day!”

– Sofia, DVS Student


What if I can't make the listed class times?

You may practice with us live, or catch the replay at your own convenience. You can scroll through the feed, use tags to search (more on that later), or select “Videos” from the Group menu to find a class to suit your needs.

How do I search for classes to do in the Facebook group?

Classes are categorized in the Facebook group by Class Focus with “tags.” Check out this demo on how to search for classes using the tag feature.

Where do I find the schedule?

The weekly class schedule can be found in our group cover image, or by clicking the “Schedule” tag (or at the top of this web page)!

How can I find out the class times in my time zone?

Class times are listed in Eastern time. Not sure of the time difference? This clever time zone converter will help!

Please note that...

Our classes are led by RYDI’s in their own home studios (which might also serve as their living room!) so please have reasonable expectations when it comes to lighting, audio and video quality. We do our best with the technology that is available to us. (p.s. there may also be animals wandering about occasionally.)

If you're having trouble with audio or video quality...

Be sure to check your personal device volume and screen brightness as well as your WiFi download speed if you are experiencing difficulties with the sound, lighting, or video buffering. A minimum stable speed of 5 Mbps or faster is required to stream high-quality videos on the Internet. For optimal performance, a hardwired connection via Ethernet is best, but if you prefer to use WiFi, be sure that your router is configured correctly and that your network is not being shared with other devices (this can limit the starting speeds you pay your Internet Service Provider for).

Not sure what speeds your device is receiving? Visit (on mobile or desktop) for an estimate. We recommend performing this test a few times since bandwidth can change.

Our refund and cancellation policy for Detour Virtual Studio

Membership fees are billed in advance, are NON-REFUNDABLE, and automatically renew on a monthly or annual basis. No refunds or credits will be provided for partial months or for months unused. You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time via your account page (M3 only), directly through PayPal or by emailing your request to [email protected]. You will retain access to the content or membership site until the end of the next billing cycle – either a month or year from the sign up date. You will no longer have access to the membership site, including all content and community resources, once your current membership period is completed.

It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you cancel your account in good time should you no longer require access to the service and do not wish to be billed further.

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