Detour 5-day Immersion

Detour Method 5-Day Immersions

The Detour 5-day Immersion training deconstructs our signature “isolate, activate, integrate” approach. Regardless of whether you’ve studied with Cecily before, everyone walks away from this experience fired up about what’s possible in a yoga and movement practice.

Here’s what to expect:

Isolate, Activate, Integrate: Deconstructing the Detour


We’ll go through the major joints in the body that often suffer wear and tear through repetitive strain: the spine, wrists, shoulders, hips and feet. You’ll receive a repertoire of movement tools to assess and develop range of motion in these areas of the body, as well as cues to help your students become more aware of how their joints move and feel.


The best way to build awareness in our bodies is to load our joints through their full range of motion. This involves understanding muscular actions, and using that understanding to inform the “why” of our teaching. Build confidence in what you know about how the body is designed to move and then share that confidence with those who want to feel and move better.


This is where the magic happens. Once we’ve zeroed in on the theoretical and practical elements supporting a Detour-informed class, we’ll redirect our focus to sequencing and creativity. If you struggle with bridging the gap between the “non-yoga” and “yoga” stuff, this portion of the week will blow the doors open on what it can look like to merge functional movement and flow You’ll get first-hand experience with our “Detour Map” approach which will forever change the way you plan your classes and personal practice time.


Detour in Madrid, Spain

Monday, June 15 - Friday, June 19, 2020

10:00am – 5:00pm daily
(lunch break included)


Early access $999 (€910)

Regular price $1249 (€1135)

$300 deposit to secure your spot (€275)

Price quotes in foreign currency are approximates and subject to exchange fluctuations

The week was packed with sooooo much knowledge & exploration which I will carry with me into my classes & life, as I continue to grow & learn. I just wish I could do this week all over again. I have never experienced a yoga training at this level & such a United energy in one room. Forever learning & forever grateful 🙏

– Lorraine (@yogasoul_cork)

Although it was so much to take in, it also made so much sense and confirmed to me that the path I’m already taking in my practice and teaching (or should I say the “detour” I had taken 😉) is 100% the right one. Thank you Cecily not just for the impact of your knowledge but also the way you articulate the information and for always being open to hear people’s thoughts, feedback and theories on everything. A very inspiring 5 days. I’m excited to integrate all that I have learnt & I can’t wait to learn more with you again in the future.

– Zoe (@the_northernyogi)

I’ve been inspired by one woman who took a risk; who followed her gut and believed so passionately in something. @yogadetour thank you for sharing your passion – it was an absolute honour to be in your company and witness first hand how dedicated and ‘normal’ you are, despite being surrounded by 32 people in awe of you. 🥰

To those 32 people – some whom I know will be lifelong friends – every single one of you taught me something. Together, we created a very special environment – one where we all felt equal, accepted and proud – proud of ourselves and each other. I am so so excited to see everyone grow, flourish and most importantly share our expertise in our own ways.

– Kate (@sassyogalife)

Each time I train with you, more lightbulbs switch on in my brain and I’m mapping my way through this space of knowledge with much joy.

I walked into teach my class this morning feeling fresh, inspired and grateful for the time I took to give back to myself as a teacher, yearning for more knowledge and more connection with like-minded people. My confidence in who I am and what I do has grown immensely since I began my journey learning with @yogadetour and there are many more paths of expression to come.

– Lori (@mindful_soul_lori)

Cecily is like this amazing online friend of mine that I finally got to meet irl and who turns out to be even more amazing when we’re in the same room. Being real. Being smart. Being fun. Being human. Making me giggle out of dispair when she says “one more round”. Making me (and all of us I guess) feel real, smart, fun and human too.

I’ve done so many hours of yogatraining before, learned all the Sanskrit names, even the sutras. Did all the spiritual things, blessings…however this week was my most spiritual, united, connected, yogic experience ever. I’ve met mySelf again and others in a new way. I’m a Detourian, and I’m proud of it. Can’t wait to weave all of this new felt experiences into my classes for you to experience them too, and I can’t wait to keep learning from this person and her @yogadetour crew.

– Noé (@noemovesyou)

I was looking to push my understanding of the body.
Instead of saying that someone’s energy was blocked in a part of the body and telling them to stretch passively and hope for a breakthrough,
I was more interested in understanding WHY.

I had seen in my own body that the site of an “issue” is generally a symptom rather than the reason.

The body, if anything, is a system.
Looking at how it works as a whole is the only way to get to root causes.

I found all of that in @yogadetour
But the massive, and quite unexpected, bonus is that I also found a global community of practitioners who were super open and fascinated by the same stuff that I am. And honestly there’s nothing like finding a group that really gets you ❤

– Grainne (@grainne.n.conroy)

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