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Man leading a class of students in camel pose, chest open to the sky, light streaming in from the large windows behind them.

Detour Gateway Experience - Ustrasana

A free step-by-step introduction to the Detour approach.

Experience what it’s like to practice and teach Camel in a way that will forever change your relationship with this pose.

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When people do Ustrasana this way for the first time, they’re usually in shock.

They can’t believe it when the same pose that normally feels terrible in their lower back suddenly feels spacious, strong and even liberating.

I used to keep this approach to Ustrasana under lock and key. I’d only share it in my in-person classes and workshops (never online!) and ask people not to post it on social media. I knew this was a Detour golden nugget and didn’t want it splashed all over the internet.

Then I realized that keeping this approach a “secret” was doing more harm than good. Limiting access to this way of teaching Camel meant that people would continue to experience pain, fear and frustration in this pose. Knowing I could change that, it was time to share from a place of abundance.

  • More information.

  • Better understanding.

  • More breakthrough “wow that’s never felt this good!” moments.

Screenshot from course, Cecily on the ground, balanced on right arm while left arm reaches back towards right foot, right leg is lifted, thigh parallel to ground and leg bent at 90 degree angle.
Here’s what else you can expect:
  • More than 90-minutes of content divided into digestible video segments that you can return to any time

  • Deep-dives into the different joints and muscle groups that best prepare you for Ustrasana

  • Use the Detour approach of Isolate-Activate-Integrate to create more ease and stability even in a complex pose like Ustrasana

  • Integrate props throughout this exploration to create a more empowered experience

  • A culminating hour-long class that shows you exactly how to use strength and mobility principles without compromising the flow-style of a fluid vinyasa practice

This program is designed specifically for those who:

  • Never felt like Camel Pose “worked” for their body
  • Want to learn how to break down complex movements into their component parts
  • Are new to the Detour approach
  • May have taken some Detour-inspired classes and want to know more about this style of teaching
  • Haven’t yet taken Detour Method Online and are looking for a sneak-peek at what the fuss is all about
Older woman practicing camel pose on a yoga mat in a sunlit room.

Oh and did I mention…it’s free?!

That’s right. Gain instant access to what Detour students call “the game changer of all game changers” and get started on your path toward pain-free backbends today.

In this Detour Gateway Experience, I break down every. single. step. required to take Camel Pose from being something you dread to something you look forward to and want to practice again...and again...and again. Plus, the entire course is housed within our brand-spankin’-new online learning platform that makes consuming information straight-forward and accessible.

See you on the inside,


Founder Cecily sitting on a yoga mat in a casual pose, talking to camera.

Discover what it’s like to follow the Detour today

Here’s what our participants have to say:
This was the pose that made me #followthedetour Such a great way to use the body to actively and intelligently explore what is required from this shapeCamel pose became my new favorite after DMO

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