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Detour Method Synthesis (DMS)

Ready to level-up? Let's do this.

Already a graduate of DMO? Welcome to the next step in your Detour journey.

DMS is where we go from tools to methodology, from what to why. This is a course reserved for those who care more about education than they do about catering to the crowd. If you’re ready to get serious about what it means to teach from a place of Educational Empowerment, this is your chance to leap and land amongst a rare caliber of instructors in the yoga community who are ultimately invested in raising the calibre not only of their own teaching but of this industry as a whole.

Detour Method Synthesis is our answer to “Now what?”.

Once you’ve completed DMO, it can feel like you’ve got an overwhelming amount of information at your fingertips. As exciting as it can be to have so many incredible tools in your toolkit, knowing when and how to use them most effectively is a whole other skill to hone in on.

In DMS, you’ll have the opportunity to look at your teaching through a clearer, wider lens—one that asks you to think more critically, experiment more freely and dig deeper into what made you become a teacher in the first place.

You start to see things you never noticed before. You rethink the way you've always done things. You notice how different approaches would be more effective and impactful. Suddenly, knowing how to help your students becomes clear and obvious. Your motivation grows exponentially.

Detour Method Synthesis is a BLENDED online program

That means course content will be delivered in both LIVE and pre-recorded content. It all happens online, but some of it happens in real time. Before being accepted into the program, you’ll be asked to commit to a time for live calls throughout the training. These calls aren’t optional. Think of them like an interactive classroom for lecture, exploration, group work and discussion.

Registration is now closed for September 2022. Add your name to the waitlist to be contacted about future program dates.

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Ready to be part of a highly-interactive training where you're part of the learning experience?

YOU are integral to the success of this program. Group work, peer assessments and group calls will rely on your commitment to creating the unique experience of DMS. In return, you’ll receive nothing but our best, including individualized feedback directly from Cecily that alumni of the course have called the “most valuable aspect of any training” they’ve ever taken.

So what does this course actually entail?

Week 1

Intentional Exploration

Learn how to plan and sequence a purposeful class that provides students with multitudes of ah-ha moments.

Week 2

Experiential Learning

Understand the benefit of putting your students in the driver’s seat, allowing yourself to be a conduit for their self-discovery.

Week 3

Critical Thinking Through Comprehensive Communication

Use inquiry to create an environment where students ask questions and explore alternative approaches rather than conform to one “right” way.

Week 4

Responsive Assessment

Understand how to engage with your students in a way that will let them feel seen and supported during every class.

Week 5

Integration Week

Take time to assimilate what you’ve learned so far and apply the 5 skills of Educational Empowerment to your final assignment.

Week 6


Explore next steps to begin integrating Educational Empowerment into your classes, workshops and trainings with enthusiasm and confidence.

Here’s What Makes This Course Different:

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THREE Trail Guides

From Cecily’s brain, into your hands, the Trail Guides document the thought process that goes into leading a Detour-informed class from beginning to end using the Isolate-Activate-Integrate approach.

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SIX Director’s Cut Practice Videos

In addition to the practice classes within the course content, these videos let you watch Cecily teach while listening to her voice-over commentary as she walks you through each step of the class from her point of view.


Live Discussions

You won’t be learning alone with only your computer for company. Our live, interactive classroom meets every week, providing a platform for lecture, discussion and breakout sessions to complement the material shared through the course platform.

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Feedback Skills

You’ll engage in peer-to-peer communication, providing thorough feedback on others’ classes while they do the same for yours. You’ll also receive guidance in what effective feedback looks like and how to deliver it.


Individual Assessments

We’ll ask you to record yourself teaching and submit that recording for feedback. You’ll then receive comprehensive feedback from Cecily to help reveal areas of opportunity and potential. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have her take your class, this is the next best thing.

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Mind-Blowing Resources

We’ll expose you to BIG thinkers and mind-blowing resources not commonly shared in conventional yoga trainings—from Plato to Systems Thinking, and Seth Godin to Brené Brown.

As a graduate of this program, you will also be eligible to apply to become a Registered Yoga Detour™ Instructor.

Program Schedule

September 6th-October 14th, 2022

Introductory course materials will be sent Friday, September 2nd.

Call Dates & Times

Live learning sessions will take place via Zoom on Thursdays throughout the course. Each call will run from 10am - 12pm PT/1pm - 3pm ET

  • Week 1 Call: Thursday, September 8th

  • Week 2 Call: Thursday, September 15th

  • Week 3 Call: Thursday, September 22nd

  • Week 4 Call: Thursday, September 29th

  • Week 5 Call: Thursday, October 6th

  • Week 6 Call: Thursday, October 13th

These live calls are not optional. You’ll be asked to confirm your ability to attend these live learning sessions in your course application.

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Registration is now closed.

Add your name to the waitlist to be notified about future program dates.


Sliding scale and scholarship options are not currently available for this course.