Our relationship with the best studios in Toronto is one of the reasons why Yoga Detour is the most unique teacher training program in the city; we consider it a fundamental necessity to send our students into the community to train and practice with the movement instructors who inspire us. These are our teachers and mentors, our contemporaries and colleagues.  In order to receive a 200hr Yoga Detour certificate, all students will have to complete 15 classes at our Affiliate studios between the start of Yoga Detour training and the final weekend in November. The classes eligible for Yoga Detour hours are listed below. You must attend classes at at least three of the four Affiliates, with no more than five classes at any one studio. There will be NO additional cost for you to attend these 15 classes. Should you wish to continue attending classes beyond the first 15 required, you can use this time toward personal practice hours and will be responsible for all fees.

The Community Affiliate portion of Yoga Detour training is designed to make you move, think and see differently. Participants will be asked to record their experiences with our Affiliate studios in a training journal. We want to know how these classes impact your understanding of movement, and how you might begin to integrate this information into your own practice. Experiences will be shared and discussed with the group throughout the program, so we encourage you to begin attending Affiliate classes at the start of your training.

As one of the pioneering yoga studios in Toronto, Downward Dog continues to offer instruction to students looking to practice and learn the principles of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. Since the doors opened in 1997, our main focus has been to inspire and encourage students in a life-long practice that is sustainable, enjoyable and in alignment with the yoga practice as a whole.

Co-founded by her mother, Diane Bruni, Kathryn has found a second home at “DWD” her entire life. Cecily arrived at the studio in 2007, and has been practicing there ever since. They both hold 500 Hour Teacher Training certificates from the studio, and consider this to be the launching pad of their careers. 

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Spirit Loft is a dynamic and inclusive space offering programming to encourage living in greater awareness, harmony and health. The heart of Spirit Loft is Yoga and embodied movement practice. Located in a beautiful and spacious true loft in the heart of Toronto’s east end neighbourhood of Leslieville, Spirit Loft offers group classes, private instruction, workshops, trainings and programs in a wide variety of yoga styles and levels providing something for everyone. We strive to provide a joyful, meaningful, conscious place to explore the many doors into this transformative practice and have a great team of skillful, highly trained and dedicated teachers to support you along the way.

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We believe in unique, creative movement.

The MAGIC of MOVEMENT is celebrated in each class. With a wide range of technique, education, and passion, our teachers believe in making the most out of the time you have chosen to MOVE. Deepening the understanding of your own practice while physically challenging your body, we invite you to live with mindfulness and .... BE MOVED.

Our approach blends methodologies... Informed by pilates, inspired by dance and guided with meditative roots, all classes leave you with a taste of magic.

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Mindful Movement Centre is an oasis of serenity in the midst of bustling Yorkville.

Enter our bright, intimate space and, for just an hour or two, leave behind your busy life and daily cares: this is your time. Whatever your individual challenges or aspirations, let our dedicated and knowledgeable Pilates and yoga teachers guide you on your personal path of physical and mental well-being.

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