Our relationship with the best studios in Toronto is one of the reasons why Yoga Detour is the most unique teacher training program in the city; we consider it a fundamental necessity to send our students into the community to train and practice with the movement instructors who inspire us. These are our teachers and mentors, our contemporaries and colleagues.  In order to receive a 200hr Yoga Detour certificate, all students will have to complete 15 classes at our Affiliate studios between the start of Yoga Detour training and the final weekend in November. You must attend classes at all three of the Affiliates, with no more than five classes at any one studio. There will be NO additional cost for you to attend these 15 classes! Should you wish to continue attending classes beyond the first 15 required, you can use this time toward personal practice hours and will be responsible for all fees.

The Community Affiliate portion of Yoga Detour training is designed to make you move, think and see differently. Participants will be asked to record their experiences with our Affiliate studios in a training journal. We want to know how these classes impact your understanding of movement, and how you might begin to integrate this information into your own practice. Experiences will be shared and discussed with the group throughout the program, so we encourage you to begin attending Affiliate classes at the start of your training.