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Movement for Trauma Level 1

  • Branksome Hall - Athletics & Wellness Centre 6 Elm Avenue Toronto, ON, M4W 1N4 Canada (map)

Taught by Jane Clapp, creator of the Movement for Trauma program, this course is designed for movement professionals, psychotherapists, and body workers, who wish to begin weaving trauma intelligence into their practice. 

After this weekend you will walk away with:

  1. More information and intelligence about the impact of traumatic stress on our physiology, tissues and brains so you can make your teaching and training more transformational and lasting.
  2. An understanding for how working with interoception, exteroception and proprioception and reflexes can help to restore healthy movement and a resilient nervous system.
  3. Strategies around developing healthy physical, psychological and emotional boundaries with all your clients through tapping into the intelligence of your own body during sessions. 
  4. Tools to make a greater impact on the quality of life for all your clients, whether they are dealing with the trauma of everyday life or more severe histories of trauma. 
  5. A path towards becoming a holistically minded and informed expert who clients trust and partner with in their evolution, healing and growth.

Suggested pre-course reading: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk.

*PLEASE NOTE* The required readings and training content may potentially overwhelm someone in early trauma recovery, or anyone who identifies as having lived through trauma and hasn't yet engaged in supported ongoing trauma informed healing work. 

You will receive a Movement for Trauma Level 1 certificate upon successful completion of the training.

Movement for Trauma
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