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Adaptive Bodywork

  • Fit1 Bootcamp 46 Fieldway Rd #8 Etobicoke, ON M8Z 3L4 Canada (map)

Yoga Detour is proud to be partnering with Adaptive Bodywork to offer their unique training to the Toronto movement community this Fall.

Unit I is at the same time Adaptive Bodywork's entry level workshop and its major powerhouse of structural bodywork techniques used to affect change at every level of the connective tissue support matrix from head to toe. This is a highly kinesthetic modality that is best appreciated through the felt sense. Feeling, when both receiving and administering the work, is understanding and owning the work. This workshop is open to everyone interested in optimizing movement, and is especially complementary for trainers, yoga teachers, therapists, and movement professionals. Everything you will need to know will be acquired during the workshop through practical hands on application.

In Unit 1, you will learn to create more efficient movement patterns for yourself or your clients, working with the body as one integrated system, rather than the totality of separate parts. We will discuss the fundamental principles of Adaptive Bodywork and introduce and practice techniques that will help your client make huge gains, without breaking down your own body in the process. Working as a team with your client, you will empower them to rapidly regain control of their rehabilitation and pain relief. Adaptive Bodywork can easily be applied in any environment, gym, studio, office, playing field etc., requires no tables, sheets, oils or lotions, and can effectively be applied fully clothed.

Adaptive Bodywork Unit I workshop gives you an essential tool kit for relieving pain, increasing functional range of motion, reducing injury risk, and optimizing training potential.

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