5 Reasons Why the Detour is Different

1. You will understand the body as a system.

Many teacher training programs revolve around the yoga practice. Yoga Detour takes a different approach whereby the human body, together with its many moving parts, sensations and emotions, is the pivotal centre piece of the training. 

We teach you to understand the body in a way that can then be applied to any practice, be it yoga or otherwise. We see yoga as an amazing vehicle with which to explore what the body is capable of. But before we get to the actual postures, it’s necessary to first understand all of the components that make up the different movements and positions that the practice holds. Exploring joint function, range of motion, the role of the nervous system, fascia…it’s endless! Through this process you’ll emerge with a more complete understanding of the body we are all living in. With that understanding it’s then possible to move and teach your chosen discipline (be is yoga-centred or otherwise) with intuitiveness and intelligence. Our chosen language of movement looks like yoga, but it’s informed by much more. 

2. You get to practice in multiple studios, with many gifted teachers.

Yoga Detour is not a yoga studio—we are a hub for top-notch movement education and professional development. We pride ourselves on our relationships with others who operate at this high level in the Toronto movement community. Our Studio Affiliates are selected for their approach, philosophy and talented teachers who we believe each have something valuable worth sharing with our trainees. Instead of receiving information from only a small faculty, we send you into the community to experience many teachers and multi-disciplinary classes. The goal is that you’ll walk away with a renewed appreciation for what is possible when you find a style that resonates with you. We want to cultivate your critical reasoning skills, encouraging you to start talking to teachers, asking them about their cues, their style of teaching and what inspires their practice. 

During our time together, you and your colleagues can share experiences and discuss the classes you enjoyed, the classes you perhaps found challenging and the classes that were not in line with your interests. Through this process we’ll learn more about each other and gain insight into just how varied this community is when it comes to the things that appeal to some, but not others. With this aspect of the training, it is our hope that your horizons expand through inspired and continued pursuit of meaningful training.

3. You actually learn how to teach a class.

One of the primary pieces of feedback we receive from those who enrol in Yoga Detour after completing other YTTs is that they never learned how to teach a real class. They have a good base level understanding when it comes to anatomy, yoga postures and philosophy, but the idea of standing in front of a room full of people still scares the bejesus out of them. 

In the 200hr Yoga Detour program, you will have three opportunities to teach your classmates in which the length of time and depth of instruction builds throughout the training. In addition to teaching practicums, you will receive homework assignments requiring you to document and share what you’re learning in the program with others who are new to the practice. We also spend time in class discussing sequencing, where students work in groups to design entire classes that are geared toward specific segments of the population (beginner students, athletes, office workers, etc.). We also have the entire group collaborate to create “general population” classes which integrate joint prep, strength work and mobility with more traditional yoga asana and relaxation time. 

We acknowledge that not everyone is taking this training in order to be a teacher. It is our belief, however, that someone truly understands a concept when they can talk about it freely and confidently with others. While the practicums are optional for those who do not wish to receive certification to teach, we nevertheless see these exercises as beneficial for anyone who wants to comprehend the material on a deeper level. We love it when trainees tell us how they went home and told their spouse, roommate, or friends everything they learned in TT that weekend—this is a sign to us that the information is sinking in. However you choose to share that information is up to you.

4. Every effort is made to accommodate your needs, in terms of both financial investment and time commitment.

We get it that the decision to enrol in a Teacher Training program can be a big one. You’re taking time away from family, commitments, potentially travelling and leaving home in order to participate in this program. You will have to balance demands of work and your training simultaneously. Of course there is also the financial aspect, which for some can seem like the most limiting factor of all.

Yoga Detour is dedicated to putting your education first, and we realize that this means accommodating your needs in order to make sure you’re learning without stress, distraction or conflicting obligations. Our Yoga Detour Scholarship is available to those who indicate in their application that their first priority is to make a whole-hearted commitment to this program, but that they require some financial help to make it happen. Our flexible payment plans have been developed to ease the financial burden that can come when a yearly budget is suddenly feeling tighter than normal. For existing teachers and those who have already completed a teacher training program that didn’t meet expectations—we get it. Teachers don’t make the kind of money that lets us spend thousands of dollars every year on new trainings. Write to us, tell us why you want to take this training, and we will always find a way to make it work. Your education is the priority here, not our profit.

Tests and assignments may come with expected turn-around dates, but we understand that life can get in the way. When other commitments arise, we are completely flexible. While tests and assignments are required for certification, you are welcome to turn them in at a time that suits you. You will still receive feedback and have the component added to your file as “complete” once it’s sent in. 

5. You have access to a learning continuum rather than a stand-alone program.

Our mission at Yoga Detour is to offer an integrated educational platform that meets you where you are and helps you create a personalized learning pathway. The 200hr YTT is just the first step and will undoubtedly leave you wanting more. While we encourage our students to work with many teachers in various environments, those who continue with Detour will have access to Continuing Education Modules (launching in 2017). These individual courses will take place on weekends several times throughout the year and cover a variety of topics ranging from more in-depth study of specific areas of anatomy to teaching specialties such as yoga and movement for more senior populations. Our first Pre/Postnatal Training, which launches in April 2017, was created in response to what our current students were already asking for more of—curated, high-level information about a topic that was typically shrouded in misinformation and contradiction. 

We will continue offering training that aligns with our students’ interests and curiosities. Write to us, tell us what you’re craving to know more about, and we’ll do our best to provide. 

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