Ashtangis Anonymous

Ashtangis Anonymous
For anyone curious to know what else is out there

A 90-minute webinar that will teach you more than any 200HR program

You practice and teach any form of yoga that’s based on certain postures or sequences.

Ashtanga. Vinyasa flow. Bikram. Modo. You name it.

There’s something about this practice that speaks to you. You might have a hard time describing what exactly that something is—it just works for you. It’s part of your life.

Perhaps you were initially introduced to this practice by a teacher who told you it was all you’d need – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Maybe you’ve even told your students the same thing.

Because for many years, that’s what you’ve believed. 

But you’ve also experienced injury. Chances are there are spots in your body right now that don’t feel as good as they should. Sometimes that makes you feel like a fraud. You’ve also noticed the same thing happening to your students. A hamstring strain here, some wrist pain there. But until now, you thought that was just par for the course.

There’s a part of you that’s starting to question things.

“Is this practice enough?

How would my body feel if I started changing things up a bit?

Is there something to this whole ‘movement’ thing that so many people on Instagram are on about these days?”

But at the same time, you don’t want to give up the practice you love.

And you don’t have to.

In this 90 minute webinar, you’ll learn to see the body and movement through a new lens. You’ll receive information that will transform your practice and elevate your teaching repertoire.

This webinar is designed to fill the gaps left by teacher training programs that focus primarily on the postures themselves – instead of first exploring the body as a whole.

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We're not interested in taking anything away. We simply want to add more to what you already have in your toolbelt.

How is the body designed to move?


How do muscles work to create specific actions in the body?


How do these actions create the postures we know and love?


How can we learn to teach these actions in a way
that promotes strength, balance and sustainability?

Not only will we dig into “how?” – We’ll also dive deep into “WHY?”

Why are we doing this practice? These postures? What’s the intention behind our teaching? Can that intention be shared with students authentically and intelligently?

There’s a lot to unpack and chances are 90 minutes won’t be nearly enough time to do justice to all of it. But it’s a start. And it may be just enough to reignite the spark of why you became a teacher in the first place.

90 minutes. 50 bucks.
A small investment when you consider how this webinar could very well steer the rest of your year.

You’ve really got nothing to lose.

“A month ago I began online training with @yogadetour. And my mind was blown.

Cecily opened the door to a more inclusive practice where I can enjoy moving all day long. She is helping me access my sleepy muscles to support my physique once more. She is helping me to become strong again. And I can dance without pain.

Her approach has enabled me to transfer my yoga practice into my life so that I don’t have to be closed away in a little box anymore. Cecily is leading the yogic revolution. You need to make sure you are part of it.”

— Rachel Hanberry (@rachelhanberryyoga)