There is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to teaching students with various needs and abilities. This training will provide existing teachers the opportunity to become more competent, confident and intuitively informed in matters related to physical limitations  while making movement accessible to all.


Diversify your teaching

The body is designed to move, and it is through movement that we're able to connect with our true essence as living, capable beings. Far too often the obstacles of injury, illness and physical limitation can keep people from their true potential. But in the right hands, anything is possible.

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Elevate your Understanding

While it's not easy to confront our limitations as teachers, it's important to acknowledge the blindspots that can keep us from truly understanding our students' needs. When it comes to specific medical conditions, a thorough understanding of contraindications and modifications is beyond necessary.


Support with Confidence

With Adaptive Yoga Detour Training, you will gain insight on common yet often misunderstood conditions, learning to customize the practice for active students recovering from injury, seniors experiencing arthritis, osteoporosis or joint replacement, or those with restricted mobility due to paralysis or neurological conditions.


Fridays January 13 & 27 6-9pm

 Saturdays January 14 & 28 1-7pm | Sundays January 15 & 29 10am-4:30pm (Dedicated lunch break midday)

Price: $999+HST

Mindful Movement Centre - 68 Scollard St, Toronto ON

What You Can Expect to Gain From This Training

- Diversify your teaching to adapt the practice to suit your students' needs, whether they are an active person recovering from an injury, a senior with arthritis new to yoga, or a person who uses a wheelchair.

- Learn the principles of Adaptive Yoga which inform a more creative approach to practice that supports your students' overall health.

- Gain insight into often misunderstood conditions, along with their contraindications and modifications, including but not limited to: scoliosis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hip and knee replacement, diabetes, spondylitis, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and more.

Course Faculty

Darcie Clark, Yoga Teacher Trainer

Darcie’s been teaching yoga since 2006, dividing her hours between private clients, workplace classes, chair yoga classes, small therapeutic yoga classes at interdisciplinary clinic PhysioPlus Health, and studio classes at YogaSpace. She is also a faculty member for both the 200hr and 300 hour teacher training programs at YogaSpace. 

Her teaching style is supportive, encouraging, and gently challenging. Darcie’s not interested in making you push harder or go faster. Instead, she understands that more is gained and learned when we ease off and slow down, so that we learn to use less effort and overcome unconscious movement patterns that may be harmful. 

Darcie credits the course she took with Patricia White in 2007 called Adapting Asanas for People with Limited Mobility for giving her the ability and confidence to provide yoga to a broader range of ages and abilities. That summer she began teaching chair yoga classes at retirement homes and today sees many private clients with a range of mobility concerns. Darcie also took the Yoga for Seniors teacher training course with Monica Cordes in 2009 and the Yoga Thrive program for cancer survivors with Susi Hately in 2010.

When she’s not teaching yoga Darcie enjoys sailing on Lake Ontario, visiting her parents at Lake Huron, having friends over for dinner, gardening, baking, and knitting. She lives in Toronto with her husband Colin and their cat Hugo. You can find more information at

Leslie Parker, Pilates Teacher Trainer

Leslie Parker is the director of the Mindful Movement Centre, Toronto. A former professional ballet dancer, she has been teaching yoga, Pilates, and body conditioning for more than a decade. She uses her extensive knowledge of different movement forms to teach fitness, increase flexibility, and treat injury.

Throughout her career with leading ballet companies in the United States and Europe she drew on Pilates to enhance her dance practice and to rehabilitate serious injuries. 

The experience of treating her own injuries inspired Leslie to specialise in injury rehabilitation. She brings real expertise and compassion to this work and collaborates with doctors, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, and osteopaths to develop healing programs. Her long career in bodywork has also given her invaluable skills in assessing people’s bodies. Leslie believes the breathwork, relaxation, and infinite kindness contained in yogic teachings complement her Pilates and bodywork skills. Leslie teaches restorative, vinyasa (flow), and Ashtanga yoga.

In 2003 she founded Mindful Movement in London, England, a company that specialised in individual Pilates and Yoga programs. Her clientele (both male and female) included people from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. Athletes, executives, and artists came to Leslie to maintain fitness, reshape their bodies, rehabilitate injuries, and to treat chronic pain and stress. To help her students further their practice, Leslie in 2004 founded Pure Retreats, a travel company that took participants to Morocco, France, Italy, and various places within Great Britain on yoga and Pilates retreats.

Leslie’s love of movement also led her to the practice of Budokon, which she studied under Sensei Jamal Pender and Kancho Cameron Shayne. She has since become a certified Budokon instructor and earned her red belt, as well as her Budokon Yoga certification. She is currently the highest ranking Budokon instructor in Ontario.

Angela Pereira, Registered Kinesiologist

Angela is a Registered Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher and Holistic Nutritionist. Angela is empathetic, patient and inspiring as she motivates her clients to feel energized and empowered. In her business Angela Pereira Kinesiology, she teaches and promotes healthy movement to enhance the lifestyle of adults over 70 with chronic autoimmune disease. Angela has been involved in yoga teacher training programs with George Brown College and the Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN). Over the past two years, Angela has begun to provide nutrition guidance and support to clients with chronic autoimmune disease through her company Angela Pereira Nutrition. Most recently, Angela has reopened her education company First Line Education Inc. together with her kinesiology team. First Line Education is now shifting their existing courses about starting a health care business and improving clinical practice skills to an online environment.

Angela was President of the Ontario Kinesiology Association during the period of regulation of Kinesiologists. She volunteered with her professional association for over 10 years to promote the profession of Kinesiology. Since 2006, Angela has been recognized as an Educational Influential by the Ontario Kinesiology Association as well as the Institute for Work and Health. She volunteers as a member of the University of Waterloo’s Alumni Council and also sits on the Senate and Senate Executive Committee. Angela is currently pursuing continuing education in culinary nutrition, thyroid health and musculoskeletal assessment. Angela’s next step is a diploma in osteopathy manual practice through the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton, Ontario.

Angela has written articles for The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, Elle Canada, Best Health and Zoomer magazines and been interviewed on CBC Radio. She has presented education programs and lectures to colleges and universities across Canada, the Upper Canada Law Society, TD Bank, Scotiabank, Hewitt Associates, Concert Properties, George Brown College and Canada Post among others. In her ‘down’ time, Angela loves to read about movement and nutrition, ride her bike and hike around the city, hangout at farmers’ markets and spend time playing with her growing family.

This training is designed for those who are already teachers or coaches. Applicants will be asked to complete an entrance Test to gauge current level of anatomy training. Acceptance will be granted to those who pass this test and demonstrate a commitment to working with those whose needs require adaptation, modification and expertise.

To apply, click here.