Yoga Detour™ is proof that deviating from the norm can be the best decision you’ve ever made.
To follow the Detour means embracing multiple movement modalities while acknowledging the common goal we all share: living in and supporting the development of strong, capable, pain-free bodies.

When you join the Detour community, you gain access to a bottomless toolbox of resources, all of which have been curated to help elevate the standards of yoga and movement education on a global scale. Some of our primary influences include:

  • Functional Range Conditioning
  • Strength and mobility training adapted from the work of people like Charles Poliquin, Christopher Sommer, Katy Bowman and Ido Portal
  • The ELDOA approach to spine and joint health created by Guy Voyer DO

…not to mention 14+ years of yoga practice and teaching that began in the traditional Ashtanga lineage and emerged as our very own Yoga Detour approach.

We dig deeper. We venture beyond the yoga realm to incorporate science and research into our teaching. We see critical thinking as the key to this industry’s evolution. When you train with us, we’ll encourage you to question everything, to demand “Why” something is taught the way it is rather than accepting instruction at face value.

We are big believers in the power of education. Our trainings and courses are designed to go above and beyond industry standards (standards that we believe leave much to be desired). We’re committed to filling the gaps left behind by those who thought 200 hours was enough.

This is about your practice.
Your teaching.
Your future.
We’re simply providing an alternate path to get you there.
Ready to #followthedetour?

(Registration opens March 2020)

(This will return in 2019)