Cecily Milne - Program Director and Lead Instructor


As the Director of Yoga Detour, Cecily is driven to raise the standards of the yoga and movement  teaching community. She has invested countless hours in creating this stand-alone program that connects science to intuition and learning to experience, shifting mindsets through movement. 

She works as yoga “integrator”, leading her signature Move Well classes at Downward Dog Yoga Centre, as well as guiding people one-on-one in their quest toward whole-body wellbeing.

As a strength and mobility specialist, Cecily helps her students rediscover their potential for strong, balanced movement both on and off the mat. An avid Ashtanga practitioner from 2003-2013, Cecily practiced under the guidance of Ron Reid and Diane Bruni (Toronto), as well as Petri Raisanen (Finland), Rolf Naujokat and Emil Wendel (India).

Since 2014, Cecily has trained with multiple movement enthusiasts including the Ido Portal team, Agatsu Inc, Gymnastic Bodies and Fighting Monkey. She has worked with Dr. Andreo Spina to receive certification as both a Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist (FRCms) and a Functional Range Assessment practitioner. Cecily studied Applied Training/Sports Animation in 2016 with internationally renowned Osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer D.O., creator of the SomaTraining system and ELDOA, and most recently has been delving into the realms of pain science (Dr. Greg Lehman) and restorative breathing (Dr. Lois Laynee).

Cecily is known for seamlessly integrating the knowledge gained from her strength and movement coaches into a yoga practice that is informed, accessible and above all feels good! 

Guest Faculty, In order of Appearance

Drew Hume - Anatomy and Body Connectivity

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Drew has a passion for helping people move well and with understanding. This drives him towards a practice and a teaching style that is far less "fancy" and far more grounded in essential movement science in order to build the solid foundation of healthy movement upon which more complex movements become possible.

Drew holds a degree in Human Biology, allowing him to offer in-depth knowledge while keeping material accessible, straight-forward and relevant to the movement practice. He endeavours to support students so that after each class they have learned something intellectually as well as physically. On top of all that serious learning, Drew keeps the classroom environment light and universally welcoming - laughs guaranteed. 

Kathryn Bruni-Young - mindful strength 


Kathryn Bruni-Young is a mover, educator and creator. She grew up studying yoga with her mother (Diane Bruni) which organically shifted into teaching yoga classes and workshops together.

Kathryn Bruni-Young has been a yoga and movement teacher for the last 10 years.  She suffered from repetitive strain injuries and turned to physiotherapists, personal trainers and other experts from other movement disciplines to create her own teaching style.

Inspired by all she gained from her strength training education. Kathryn founded the Mindful Strength Center, (formerly known as the Cornwall Yoga Studio). Mindful Strength blends strength, mobility and mindfulness. Kathryn leads teacher training, online courses, and workshops throughout Canada and Europe.

Kathryn is being drawn to the world of Trauma Training and has been influenced by those doing research in this field. She is truly a woman with many facets who is excited to share all she has learned to enrich the lives of others.


jennifer helland - Practical Teaching Expert

Jennifer Helland, CNP is a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher.

Jennifer completed her yoga teacher trainings at Downward Dog Yoga Centre (500-hr) in 2004 and Octopus Garden Yoga Centre (300-hr) in 2014. She has been teaching privately and in yoga centres in Toronto and abroad for more than a decade.

Jennifer is passionate about all things "human body" and humbled daily by its complexity, wonder and self-healing potential. 

As someone who has been teaching teachers since 2008, she is committed to supporting those who are just beginning this journey. Jennifer delivers feedback on teaching in a manner that is warm, engaging and insightful. Jen has the ability to see students not only for who they are but who they can become as teachers. 


Jennifer Cardoso - Creating Safer Spaces for Yoga

Jenn is a trauma educated yoga teacher with a curiosity for human nature. What began as a personal journey to understand how to manage her own anxiety and chronic pain turned into a deep passion for wanting to empower others to do the same. Through yoga, mindful movement and compassionate self-care practices she works with students to foster their sense of resiliency and agency so they can feel more at home in their bodies. 

She is a graduate of Yoga Detour’s inaugural 2016 Teacher Training program and is a level 2 Movement for Trauma practitioner. Additional studies include Adaptive Yoga, Healing Trauma with the Body co-facilitated by Michael Stone and Molly Boeder Harris, and Healing Trauma Through Yoga taught by David Emerson. Jenn is ever grateful for her mentors Catalina Morgana, Cecily Milne, Jane Clapp, and Jay Fields and their continued generosity and source for inspiration. 

Jenn is committed to using yoga and mindful movement as a tool to help others feel validated for who they are. She carries a fierce conviction to support a practice that is safe, brave and accessible to all.

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jennifer snowdon - The science of breath

Jennifer began practicing yoga in 2003. From the first class the connection between body and breath was what drew her in. After she completed her 200h YTT, and with the movement towards safer and more informed practices, she began studying outside of the yoga realm to learn more about the science of movement and the body. During Jane Clapp’s Movement for Trauma course, she was introduced to Buteyko breathing. The question became clear: if we are going to examine asana through the lens of functional movement, should we not also examine pranayama through the lens of functional breathing?

The Buteyko breathing technique is used to help people with many conditions including but not limited to asthma, allergies, snoring, sleep apnoea, poor sleep, insomnia, anxiety and panic. After taking the Buteyko breathing course, Jennifer became aware of how pranayama and poor breathing cueing in yoga classes could be contributing to these conditions.

In 2017, Jennifer became a Buteyko Educator and began teaching Buteyko breathing to clients to help them with disordered breathing and the resulting conditions, as well as to improve their athletic performance. She passionately teaches yoga teachers about functional breathing and how to evaluate breathing practiced in yoga classes.


Grant Hutchinson- philosophy and meditation

Grant began practicing yoga in 2001. On a trip to India in 2004-2005, he alternated periods of yoga study with stays at Theravadin and Zen meditation centres in India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. In Toronto, he studied in both of these traditions with Michael Stone. He returned to Toronto in 2013 after nearly two years of residence at Tassajara Zen Mountain Centre in California.

Practice for Grant is a way of meeting things as they are; a space to relax self-thinking enough to experience the wonder of what is underneath. He holds space for students to arrive, come back and settle rather than encouraging them to get somewhere else. Grant's teaching is informative and accessible, weaving technical information with stories and opportunities for interaction and discussion.

Grant helps to facilitate the dharma group Gravity (gravityto.org) at the Downward Dog, giving talks and hosting sits and retreats. When not sitting, he can be found making meditation cushions to order.


To see more photos and videos of our Yoga Detour Faculty in action, visit www.instagram.com/yogadetour.