Yoga Detour Training takes place one weekend per month, over 11 months. 


Saturday 1-7pm

Sunday 10-4:30pm

Short breaks provided on Saturday and a scheduled 30 minute lunch on Sunday.

*Times are subject to change before January 1, 2018.

Location: Toronto, ON

Branksome Hall Athletic and Wellness Centre - 6 Elm Avenue (Mount Pleasant and Elm Ave.). 

The details:

Our in-class hours will total 132 hours. Classes with our Community Affiliates will total approximately 18 hours. These classes are included in the cost of tuition and can completed anytime during the duration of your program (class passes are valid from start date of YTT through to the end of 2018). 

The remaining 50 hours should be comprised of:

  • 25 hours of homework and reading material
  • 25 hours personal practice and accumulated meditation time (with a minimum of 5 hours dedicated to meditation) to be logged and submitted once complete

Students must attend a minimum 90% of the in-class hours to receive their certificate. Any material missed with lead instructors (Cecily and Kathryn) must be made up in order for a certificate to be granted.

We encourage you to make these weekends a top priority in your calendar. Absences will result in a lack of continuity and diminished value of your investment.

Course Materials:

To prepare for your training, we encourage you to become familiar with the following texts prior to the start of the program:




january 13+14

  • YD Foundations: Anatomy of Movement

february 3+4

  • Applying Foundations to Sun Salutations: An Introduction to Total Body Strength & Mobility 

March 3+4

  • Mindful Strength: Lower Body

april 7+8

  • Applying Lower Body Strength to an Integrated Asana Practice
  • Sequencing, Cues and Communication

MAY 5+6

  • Mindful Strength: Upper Body

JUNE 2+3

  • Applying Upper Body Strength to an Integrated Asana Practice: Arm Balances, Inversions and Backbends
  • First Practicum

JULY 7+8

  • Trauma-Informed Approaches to Teaching Yoga
  • The Science of Breath

AUGUST 11+12

  • Exploring the Stories We Tell Ourselves: Consciousness, Embodiment and Sitting Practice
  • Understanding Movement as Behaviour: Injury, Preventative Training and Rebuilding from the Inside Out


  • Floor Work: Movement From the Ground Up


  • Exploring the Body's Self-Regulating Potential through Balanced Training and Practice
  • Discovering Stillness: Understanding the History, Philosophy and Power of Self-Exploration through Meditation and Mindfulness


  • Arriving at the Destination: Sequencing a Class and Second Practicum

Your final practicum will be a 60 minute class taught to the general public and evaluated by a YD Faculty Member. This practicum will take place once all other requirements have been met and received, including homework assignments.

Between Weekends:

Each month you will receive a resource package— information curated by the faculty to prepare you for the next session. 

Included in each package will be a collection of articles, blog posts, podcasts, online videos and/or assigned chapters from the texts listed to the left. 

Reviewing these additional resources is not mandatory; their intention is to keep momentum going between training weekends and to provide a learning continuum from one topic to the next. Plus, they're a movement geek's dream, so there's that too!