Photo by Nora Wendel

Photo by Nora Wendel

Cecily Milne - Co-Creator and Program Director

Cecily is a strength and mobility specialist who endeavours to guide her students toward a better understanding of their bodies' abilities. Her movement journey began with yoga, which sparked her passion for helping the body operate, evolve and feel the best way possible.

She holds over 500 hours of training from Downward Dog Yoga Centre, complemented with study abroad under the guidance of Petri Raisanen, Rolf Naujokat and Emil Wendel.

In 2014, Cecily broadened her horizons and engaged in direct study with the Ido Portal team. She has trained with Agatsu Inc, along with Gymnastic Bodies, and is a certified Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist (FRCms). Cecily completed the Certificate of Applied Training/Sports Animation in 2016 with internationally renowned Osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer D.O., creator of the SomaTraining system and ELDOA. She is the founder of The Yoga Element and Lake of Bays Yoga in Muskoka.

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Kathryn Bruni-Young - Co-Creator and Lead Faculty 

Kathryn has been practicing yoga and movement her entire life. Always interested in strength, she naturally gravitated towards arm balances, pushups and handstands in her practice. However, repetitive injuries led her to begin to explore other strength, movement, and healing practices that now form the foundation of her teaching. Her passion is to teach how to find strength in ways that are unimaginable. Her fine attention to detail and calm present energy empower students to reach new potential without being pushed to the limit. Her study of trauma and the nervous system has inspired her to look at movement on a different level, using sensitivity as a way to discover greatness.

Kathryn has completed many different certifications, and among her favorites is the (Poliquin) PICP Level 2 focusing on structural balance through weight training. In the spring of 2015 Kathryn won the Ontario Championships for raw powerlifting under the guidance of her strength coach Lovedeep Dhunna. She also holds a certificate in holistic nutrition from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (Toronto), and is in her first year of study with Berns Galloway in Somatic Experiencing.

Kathryn runs a small teacher training program in Cornwall, Ontario, teaches workshops and intensives around Canada, offers online webinars and courses and is the co-founder of Yoga Detour YTT Program in Toronto. She is currently writing a series of books on body awareness, strength development, and the hybrid style of practice she teaches.

Guest Faculty, In Order of Appearance During 2017 Program

jennifer helland - holistic nutrition and self-care

Jennifer Helland, CNP is a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher. She graduated with honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2008.  Jennifer teaches numerous nutrition topics in hospitals, corporate offices, dance schools and yoga teacher training programs throughout Toronto. She also works one-on-one nutritionally with people aspiring to live happier, healthier lives.

Jennifer completed her yoga teacher trainings at Downward Dog Yoga Centre (500-hr) in 2004 and Octopus Garden Yoga Centre (300-hr) in 2014. She has been teaching privately and in yoga centres in Toronto and abroad for more than a decade.

Jennifer is passionate about all things "human body" and humbled daily by its complexity, wonder and self-healing potential.

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Laura Sygrove - Inclusive Approaches to Teaching Yoga 

Laura is the co-founder and executive director of New Leaf Yoga Foundation, an organization that has been offering yoga & mindfulness-based programming to youth in marginalized communities since 2007. She has been teaching yoga since 2005, and worked on the frontlines delivering yoga programming to young men in custody settings for close to a decade. Influenced by her own history of childhood trauma and post-traumatic stress, chronic pain, anxiety and depression, she is passionate about trauma-informed and inclusive approaches to yoga and creating safer spaces for healing.

Cecily and Kathryn are thrilled to have Laura as part of the Yoga Detour faculty; her experience with teaching methods that emphasize inclusivity, anti-oppression and compassion is bar-none.  Through yoga and mindfulness-based teaching and communication, Laura is changing the lives of youth on a daily basis. Check out Laura's TEDx talk here. 


Steve Donald - The Buteyko Breathing Method

In 2005 Juno Award-winning musician Steve Donald took classes in a largely unheard of treatment for chronic health conditions developed by Ukrainian physician Dr. K. Buteyko. Working with the breathing exercises developed by Dr. Buteyko, Steve's asthma and snoring quickly disappeared. He no longer required medications to control asthma.

In 2006 Steve trained to teach the method to others, becoming the first Buteyko Method Educator living in Toronto.  Since then over 400 of Steve's clients with a wide range of chronic health conditions have benefited from re-training their breathing, unlocking the healing power of simple breath.  

The Buteyko Method is effective for conditions including but not limited to asthma, snoring/sleep apnea, poor sleep/insomnia, sinusitis, allergies, chronic cough, COPD, eczema, anxiety/panic, CFS/ME, IBS and ADHD. More recently the breathing principles of the Buteyko Method have been adopted by athletes including 3-time Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross.

In 2011 Steve, along with 25 other teachers, became a founding member of the Buteyko Breathing Educators Association which has now grown to over 100 members. Steve continues to teach, write about, and help train new teachers in this powerful healing modality. 

After her introduction to Steve and Buteyko breathing in 2014, Kathryn knew she had stumbled upon a science of breathing that made sense to her, both in terms of everyday life as well as in relation to her yoga practice. Often in practice we are encouraged to “take deep breaths”, and until recently, that instruction was never questioned. Nowadays, the information we have access to regarding the science of respiration has the potential to significantly enrich not only yoga, but all physical movement practices.


Lovedeep Dhunna - Communication, Postural Analysis and Prescriptive Exercise

Lovedeep is one of Toronto’s leading experts on strength and fitness. He has been avidly studying the art and science of functional fitness since the age of 15 and has developed an integrated approach to fitness that centers around pain free movement, structural balance, and a high level of both strength and conditioning.

His experience with competitive Muay Thai, Commando Krav Maga and his 13 years serving in the Canadian Armed Forces as an infantry soldier have instilled in him a deep respect for human body and the incredible value of peak fitness. He has developed an intense passion for understanding the mechanisms responsible for human health and fitness and is continually studying, learning and engineering new approaches to optimize performance.

Lovedeep has travelled across the world to work with top coaches and mentors. In his travels, he has had the opportunity to learn from authorities in strength and conditioning, nutrition, rehab and psychology. His approach to fitness is fed in part by a Bachelor of Kinesiology, a Neurolingistic Programing Master Practitioner Certification, a PICP Level 3 Certification and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner Certification.

Based out of Toronto’s Body and Soul, Lovedeep has trained a wide variety of individuals, ranging from recreational athletes looking to optimize health and performance, all the way up to national-level athletes (competing in sports from equestrian to powerlifting), soldiers preparing for special forces selection, and even celebrities appearing in key roles. 

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Grant Hutchinson- philosophy and meditation

Grant began practicing yoga in 2001. On a trip to India in 2004-2005, he alternated periods of yoga study with stays at Theravadin and Zen meditation centres in India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. In Toronto, he studied in both of these traditions with Michael Stone. He returned to Toronto in 2013 after nearly two years of residence at Tassajara Zen Mountain Centre in California.

Practice for Grant is a way of meeting things as they are; a space to relax self-thinking enough to experience the wonder of what is underneath. He holds space for students to arrive, come back and settle rather than encouraging them to get somewhere else. Grant's teaching is informative and accessible, weaving technical information with stories and opportunities for interaction and discussion.

Grant helps to facilitate the dharma group Gravity ( at the Downward Dog, giving talks and hosting sits and retreats. When not sitting, he can be found making meditation cushions to order.

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